Class #825

Wunda Chair Workout

30 min - Class


Rachel is here once again with this short Wunda Chair class that pays particular attention to the connection of the soles of the feet to the rest of the body as a means of heating up your whole body and working deeply with the powerhouse. With a well established set up right in the beginning, you'll likely find all the exercises more effective.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair

About This Video


Welcome class, everyone to please any time. My name is Rachel Taylor Siegel and I'm from the polarity center in Boulder, Colorado. We're going to do a chair, low chair class, um, 30 40...


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Rachel's Chair class demonstrates brilliantly how to better integrate the arches of the feet while doing the foot work on the chair. Beautiful cuing and clear instructions make this workout truly enjoyable. Thank you Rachel!
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Too much time "guessing" on spring settings. That should be determined before filming and should be clearly stated for each exercise.
Thanks Patty ~ The truth is (all of our classes, save one or two new ones in which the instructor was able to gather their own students) are in fact real classes taught in real time. The visiting instructor has time to play on the equipment prior to filming a class for us, but we do not give them the benefit of rehearsing with their students (they usually meet minutes before starting). We also think saying spring tension is important. That said, when instructors are specific about the springs of our Balanced Body equipment, we get loads of questions about how it relates to STOTT, Peak, Gratz, Pilates Power Pro, Allegro.... We will try to do better with stating whether or not the springs should be light, medium or heavy, but given our format, it may be that the teachers have to continue to sort it out on the fly based on the student abilities at that moment. We appreciate the reminder to be as clear as possible with how the spring tension should feel and what the form should be.

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I think that it is important to mention that the spring tension will vary according to the weight of the person using the chair as well as the apparatus. I do understand that it is important to state the spring but as an imstructor myself I think that it's improtant for the individual using the video as a training tool to understand the chair and the spring settings before attempting to do a challenging exercise.
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I agree with Lee, I have taught on 4 different models of chairs and each time the spring setting may be different. Those with a solid understanding of the chair understand like reformer, basic spring settings for leg vs arm work. The emphasis of this class has less to do with spring strength and more to do with tensegrity of the feet into the body. Thanks for sharing this Rachel!! Lovely!
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"Put your foot on there as if writing a poem". There are beautiful cues, and then there are BEAUTIFUL cues!

Rachel does a great job of showing how every part of you should be involved. Great class, thank you!
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Amazing class! Thanks Rachel! Miss you a ton.
What a wonderful class, great cues, imagery and flow. Please have more classes with Rachel!
Such amazing word pictures that Rachel creates! This taps into the mind-body experience and makes that Pilates hour fly by! Thanks Rachel
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Beautiful session. I love your gentle spirit while displaying depth and confidence. I actually appreciated the spring adjustments along the way - done safely with ease - no need to be perfect.
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