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Ped-O-Pul Workout

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Kyria Sabin Waugaman is back and this time she introduces The Ped-O-Pul to Pilates Anytime. More of a workshop than a workout, Kyria begins by describing the features of the Ped-O-Pul and the differences between the two main versions of this equipment sold on the market. Subsequently, Kyria and long time colleague and Fletcher Pilates® teacher Deborah Mendoza, demonstrate several different sequences, both standing and sitting, that help represent why this apparatus was so important to Ron Fletcher.
What You'll Need: Ped-O-Pul

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Hello. My name is curious Saban. I'm, I'm director of Fletcher Pilati Center National and I'm here today to present a, not really a workout but more of a workshop on the Petit Pole. Um...


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I really like this. Never seen seated POP exercises, some of them I can imagine great for pregnant clients too! The hinge forward extended through back, shoulders and arms look delicious . Thanks for offering a Ped-O-Pull work-out on PA!
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Thanks for this informative session on an important but often overlooked apparatus.
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This is a great class. Where could you buy the POP . I would like to have one to workout at home. I enjoyed just watching this class. So much to learn. thanks for sharing. blanche.
Hi Blanche, Kyria and Deborah recommend this Ped-O-Pul designed by Ron Fletcher himself. Because it normally requires being mounted to the wall and we have too many windows in the studio for that, we asked her to substitute with a slightly different version of Ped-O-Pul that does not require a wall mount. Both version are made by Balanced Body. You can find Ped-O-Puls made by other manufactures as well.

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Thank you Kristi for your prompt reply. It is nice to watch all this. I love tips. blanche.
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Love this! Ped-O-Pul is my favorite piece of apparatus in the studio! This gave me lots of variations to incorporate with my clients!
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Thanks for adding the Fletcher work to Pilates Anytime. I love the Fletcher breathing - it makes each part of each exercise seem important. Great cues, variations and exercises. I'll be practicing this routine and incorporating this into my studio teaching.
Thank you Kristi. I will try and ask Balanced Body to send me a catalogue. blanche.
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I just watched the video , thank you Kyria &Deb for this great work. I really enjoy having Fletcher work online now, thank you Pilatesanytime! Corinne
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Hello , i did this class a few times this week, i really feel my back stronger now & some of my muscles were awaked!! love it .
Thank you Kyria & deborah.
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