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Kyria Sabin and recent graduates of a comprehensive Fletcher Pilates® training program bring you this special Mat workout performance. It consists of 36 Mat exercises performed in the Fletcher Pilates® style with synchronized breathing patterns and transitions created by the students. Great job to these students who give us a wonderful demonstration of precision and concentration throughout the Mat work.
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Hello, I'm curious Savan I'm thrilled to be back with [inaudible] anytime and we have a very special performance for you today. At the end of each of our comprehensive programs, our students perform a mat performance, so they take the sequence, um, 36 exercises they play with it. They create their own transitions. And what you'll be seeing as our graduate group from Los Angeles from the most recent program, uh, performing, um, a Fletcher mat class. So enjoy. Okay, so we'll start with for armless laterally, lifting up and pressing down on this next one. Lift the arms and contract over four sets of pulses. Full breath to bend the knees and contract down and to evolve.

Pulse the hips to the heels. Draw the knees to the floor. Shift off to the right here and extend the legs out in front of you. Circle the arms off and contract forward pulsing here. Raymour sats, two breaths to roll down onto the mat, extending the arms over hand.

Take [inaudible] two breaths to imprint the spine. Lift the arms up to knighting. Try the legs into tabletop. Come into your upper contraction. Inhale. [inaudible]. Exhale, roll back down.

And again, two more times. Last time. Lengthening the back of the neck as you [inaudible] four words and hold the position. Deepening it with a brass. Four breaths in. Four breaths out. Sure. Take a full sentence. The legs up to the ceiling.

Hold here for four sets. [inaudible] lower than legs. A third of the way. Hold for four lower another third I the low backs on the mat. Lower another third five sets here. Three for sure. Five.

Hold this position. Take a full breath to lower the legs to the floor. Bring the arms up and stretch back over here. Yeah, going into the roll-ups. Inhale, lift. Flex the FI. Axialent [inaudible] contraction. Full breath all the way forward. Point roll. Halfway down, stretching back over head. And again. Two more.

Last one. Lifting the arms up. Press the arms down by your side, deprecate the legs in and extend the legs up the ceiling with the roll over. Full breath up and over. Sure. Inhale, separate. Exhale, flax.

Full breath to roll the back down. Inhale point. Exhale together. And again, full breath over. Had separate and flat rolling down. Oh boy. And together, one more this direction. Full breath to separate the legs, keeping the feet pointing.

Rolling over. Likes to gather and flat. Rolling down point and apart. Point and apart. One more time. Up and over and point. Bend the legs and extended legs out onto the mash.

Keeping the arms down by your sides. Draw the right leg in and extend the leg up to the ceiling for the advanced leg circles across, down, o open and lift too. And reverse. Open across and lift. Hold it here. Take a deep breath in. Extend that like out to the floor.

Draw the left leg in and up to the ceiling and across, down, open and lift. Rolling the pelvis with the movement. Actively placing it. Reverse last one. Extend the like long to the floor. Fold both legs in towards to curling forward into ball and all the way up to a balance. Take two breaths to find your balance here.

Shoulders down one more and rolling like a ball. Inhale back and uh, should help us off and down. Using the breath. Two more. Holding the balance. Draw the right leg in. Extend the left leg out and take a full breath to roll down to the single leg stretch position. Breath. Just switch elbows wide. Chest, his cell phone. Deepen the contraction.

Last one. Straw both legs and deepening the contraction forward double leg stretch. Inhale, extend to pull in and two, two more. Last one and deep in the curl forward. Roll the head down onto the mat and extend both legs up to the ceiling.

Arms down by your side. Flex and point plaques to holding the point. Curl forward, reaching for the right ankle and extend the left leg long to the far wall. Brad's just switch. Okay, last two, last one like sub to the ceiling. Hands behind the head. Flex to lower end point to lift to and left shoe more times lower and he left last time and left. Take a full breath to fold the legs in towards you.

Twist to the right and to the left, to the right, to the left. Two more full sets. Last Sad. Lower the head down. Extend the legs long, reaching the arms overhead. Inhale, lift and flex. Exhale up or contraction. Curling forward.

Opening to your hands. Session two sets of pulses here. Draw the legs together. Come to an upright position to the legs. Turn a narrow v theater flexed, going into this spine. Stretch full breadth into the stretch.

Full breadth to roll up. And again, bending fully through the spine, using the breath. Last one, opening the arms out to a t, right. Stay to the right and one saw. Lifting off pull center and again, rotate and saw.

Okay, two saws oriented. Three. Okay, point the toes. Draw the legs into a diamond position and place the hands under the ankles for this seal. And again, two breaths to deepen this position into the seal. Two claps. Last two, placing your hands on top of the ankles. Full breadth to extend out to the vein. Show breadth.

Back to the diamond position. And again, pressing to the V, pulling back two more times. [inaudible] last one. Holding the position and rocking. Inhale, back and up. [inaudible] two more. [inaudible] holding the balance. Draw the legs together. Bend the legs, rolling all the way down onto the mat and reaching the arms up to the ceiling. Take a deep breath and to prepare, exhale, press down to extend the legs up to the ceiling.

Bend the legs, lift the arms and press and again Ben and press lengthening out of the shoulders. One more time, Ben and press holding this position. Turning with the baby corkscrew. Going to the right first more last one and take a full breath to rollover. Going to the right first. Inhale, rotate. Exhale, roll. Full breath. Just circle and center to the left. Last one.

Full breath to roll down through the center of the spine. Bending the legs. Extend the legs long to the Mat. Draw the right leg end. Placing the foot on the mat. Going into Ron's hip. Lift, rotate and center and rotating. Roll to center. Full breath. Just switch the legs and again and then reach the left arm over. Head right arm over head. Sorry.

Roll to the right onto your stomachs. Placing the hands in a w position. Going into the baby swan. Full breath to live. Full breath to lengthen and again, bending through the upper back. Going further into the full Swann. Full breath to live.

Inhale higher. Exhale. Lengthen out and again, reaching the sternum through, lifting higher and lengthen out. Full breath up into the swan. Holding it here and he'll lift tire. Exhale rock. Okay, two more. Lifting up. Hold it and pull back into the rest position for four breaths.

Two more breaths. Last one. Coming up on to all fours. Lengthening the spine. Full breadth into the round. Back. Lengthening out into extension and again, fully flexing your spine.

Controlled extension. Last one. Opening the front of the hips to come back down onto the mat. Coming up onto the right elbow and the left elbow for single leg kick legs together. Ready and kick. Kick extension.

Last two. Last one. Coming down onto the right. Shake. Placing the hands high on the back. Inhale, prepare and three kicks. Suspend and kick. Two, three, two more. Hold the suspension. Circle the arms around, placing the hands on the mat.

Press up onto all fours. Try the right knee forward. Draw the left knee forward. Shift off to the left hip and extend the legs in front. Circle the arms to place the hands. Separate the legs and flex the feet.

Full breath into your hands, back contraction, forward contraction, rolling up through the spine, taking the hands a little further, deepening the contractions up and over the legs rolling up and again, little further contracting up and over and rolling up. Last one, going into the full neck pole. Full breath to your hand. Full breath to roll out on the Mat. Peeling up and over the line. Rolling up through the spine, opening the arms out to a tee.

Reaching arms up to the ceiling and contract for words. Rounding forward. Rolling down on two breaths. Lifting the arms up and press the arms down to a low v position. Fold the legs in, placing the heels close to the sits bones. Full breath to curl into your pelvic tilt all the way up. Lengthening the spine.

Rolling down on three breaths. Pelvic tilt, peeling through the spine. [inaudible] three breaths down. [inaudible] draw the legs together and again, curling up, rolling down. [inaudible] and again, adding the heel lips. Press the heels off and lower.

Lift and lower. Two more off. Last one, rolling this spine and again, curling up. Extend the right leg out from the knee and place the foot. Inhale, extend and place the foot and again, toe ball field. Rolling down. Three breaths, curling the pelvis, peeling all the way up.

Full breath to extend the right leg owl. Lifting up. Flex down and up. Flex down to more. Point the toes and place the foot rolling down on three breaths. One, two and extend the left leg out. Point up. Flex down, pointing, placing the flood rolling down sternum to the mat, middle back, and all the way out. Extended legs long on the Mat. Lifting the arms.

Flex the fee. Exhale upper contraction. Full breath to peel the spine forward. Rolling up and open the arms out to a t position. Rotating to the left first with spine stretch. Rotate further and center two more sets.

Last set. Reaching the arms forward. Contract back, rolling all the way down. Arms down by your sides. Fold the legs, then extend the legs up to the ceiling and a full breath to roll over for the Jackknife. Full breath to open the hips. Full breath to fold the hips. And again [inaudible] bring the pelvis still rolling the spine down.

Rolling over. Okay. When the hips bold. Roll and extend the hips. [inaudible] rolling over.

Okay. When the hips. Okay. And fold. And again, rolling down. Open the hip. Rolling over.

Open [inaudible] and fold. [inaudible] one more time. This time keeping the hips open. Roll the spine down. Open the hips and lengthen the legs long to the Mat. Inhale, reach the left arm overhead. Exhale, bend the right knee and take a full breath to come into your sidekick position.

Placing the top hand behind the head, lengthening the side of the neck or leg lifts off and allow one foot is flexed and Lauer lift. Lift your hip height, holding the position, going to the sidekick. Reach further and extend. Sure. Two more.

No problem. I just want on top of the other and held. Turn out and parallel. Turn out and parallel. Two more. Turn. Owl. Yes. Holding the turned out position going into the Debola.

Pay and up. Flex down two more. And for births, flex off point, extent flexing the right foot and place the heel. And Front and back and left and front, back and left. Front, back, and left. Two more. Last one. Place the legs, one on top of the other role to parallel and extend out onto the mat. Lifting both legs up and lower.

Last one. Okay. Lifting both legs that flex the fee. Four sets of walking. Two more sets, Jack the legs lower to the mat. Rolling onto your valleys. Hands beneath the forehead. Lift the legs up and turnout and beat the legs together.

One, two, three, four. Extend the legs lower to the mat and roll onto your opposite side. Top hand behind the hand. Next for long, lifting the top leg up and lower and two lift the leg up and hold it at hip height. Going into the sidekicks, more SAS, place the leg reach and extend. Last one. Shock the legs. Inhale, turn out and parallel to two more full breath to turn out and to have live.

Pay In op. Flex down. Two more. Last one as reverse. The foot and place and front and back and he left and too jack the legs rotate to parallel. Extend down onto your sides. Length and back to the back of the Mat.

Lifting both legs up and lower. Last one, lift. Flex the feet and walk. Okay. Draw the legs together and lower to the mat and roll onto your backs.

Lifting the arms off. Reach the arms overhead, going into the teasers. Circle and peel up to the TC. Inhale, lengthen and roll the back out too. Few more. Last one, peel up to the teaser. Circle the arms around and lay going into the toe taps.

Tap topics. Then three last one and hold the position circling to the right and around. Okay, two more. Last ones. Bend the legs, extend the legs out onto the mat, rotating to the right, reaching the arm, focusing on the hand going into the side. Twist off and thread through. Open and light.

Two more. Last one, and come up and thread through. Placing both hands on the mat, coming forward into a play and lowering down for swimming, extending the arms overhead and lifting up to a hover position. Ready and in Hail. Exhale, two, three, four, extending out. Lower down, coming to the other side for the spine. Twist position, lifting up and through. Last one, placing both hands on the mat, coming out to the prone position, going into leg pull, prone, lift off, and that forward and lice, keeping the hips in line with the spine.

Last one, placing the knees on the floor. Come to an upright position, shipped off to the right half and extend. Ally's. Circle the arms off and placed the hands full of breath to curl the hips up to a reverse play. Flex ankles and hips and sit down points and peel the spine, flax and place two more. Last one, flags and point the toes and come to the side. Kick, kneeling position.

Hop on over to the right. Place the hand and extend out. Bend the knee, extend. And then two more. Full breath to stand and hold the position. Flex and point.

Full breath to flax going into the kick. Last one, the leg. Bend the knee, reaching up and come all the way to center up and over to the left. Place the hand and extend and then extend and extend. Hold, extension, flex and point. All the flection can reach the leg forward.

And uh, last one. Bend a lie. Lifting off and come center. Inhale, draw the arms forward. Exhale, sit to the right head. Reach the legs out in front of you and circle the arms up and over. Two sets of pulses.

Okay, your breaths to roll down. Arms down by your sides. Fold the lengths and enough and rollover and help flex. Exhale, place the balls of the feet on the floor and circle the arms around to place the hands on the right ankle. Full breath to extend the left leg up. And inhale, flax and switch flax and sweat flax.

Reach for the ankle and switch two more and switch last one and extend both legs up to the ceiling. Rolling down. Extend the legs out onto the mat, try the legs in, cross the ankles and curl up to a balance. Rolling over into a crab. Two breaths to deepen this position and then circle the arms.

Place the hands on the floor and extend back onto the mat. [inaudible] bend the legs, circle the hands for the ankles and for perhaps for the rocking. Full breath to lift up and full breath to lower. And again, full breath to lift ash and Lauer. Keep those knees close together and again, lifting off. Last one, holding the position, showing into the rocking and lift and lower two and flower three and lower. Last one and lower lift.

Release and circle all the way around. Pressing back into a rest position. Two breaths and coming forward into your plank. Pressing up to the up stretch. Walking the hands in two, three and four rolling through the spine.

Circle the arms and curl for word. Walking out. Two, three, four. Full breath to find that plank position and one push up. Lower and fresh up pike, the hips walking in. Two, three and four rolling through this spine. Circle the arms and contract for walking out.

Find the plank. Two pushups. Type the hips, walking in, rolling through the spine. One more time. Circle and contrast. Walking out. Find the plank. Three pushups the hips and walk in. Two, three, four rolling up through the spine.

Two breaths to center. The body and turned to face the front of the room going into Ron's clock. One, two, six, two sets of age. [inaudible] three, fours, bye sixes. Yeah, and big breath in and out. Two more times. Big Breath in. Open. Press down. Last one.

Thank you very much.


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Wow this is great!!
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Always glad to see more Fletcher classes!
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Wow.l Love the smooth transitions. Thank you from Australia
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That was great.. can't wait to do this in the morning... ! xxx
That was great! I can't believe I did this advanced class. I love the Fletcher style. These girls were fantastic!
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Thank you Kyria for this great class. I just did it !! love to see more& more Fletcher work .
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Reminds me of the art of motionish stuff
Nice. I have been looking for something like this here,
Good stuff. I'll do this. Make pilates very interesting
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Great class! So happy see more Fletcher classes. I really liked the pace and the cueing.
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