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Challenge your mind and body with this high-energy BASI Flow class. Meredith guides the class through favorites such as Control Balance, Jack Knife, Boomerang, and the Crab. Be prepared to work hard and have fun.
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Sep 24, 2012
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Okay, you guys, we're gonna start sitting. Let's go. [inaudible]. All right, so a, situate yourself right on top of your sitting bones. Hold onto the back sides of your legs. Position your feet parallel to one another and lift using your arms.

Building this by an app on top of the pelvis and Inyo. Just checking in, lifting the spine even taller. And exhale, gently draw in on the abdominals and just support that additional lift that you create. And again, inhale, feel buoyancy in the spine. Use your arms to help you. So more harm work than, than actually trying to force through the spine right away. And exhale, supporting that. And inhale, we're moving. Exhale. Feel the pelvis move out from underneath you. Round your lower back. Keep your shoulders just over your palm. Yep. And now inhale, build the spine back up. We sit right over the top of the hips.

End In here and exit. We round backwards. Use your arms to hold you up, almost pulling the chest forward as you drop back against the arms. And I'll tell lift and exhale as we curl back. There is some energy in this room tonight. Ah, I love it. And left and to make it a little bigger. Here we go. Okay, we roll back.

We find that curvature start stretching out through the arms. You can either let go or you just slide your arms down your thighs. You choose. Find your way all the way to the tips of your shoulder blades pressing the feet into the ground. Excellent. As we curl back forward, Dig d, bring the hands to the back of the size if they're not already on. Lift the back tall. Inhale and exhale. The pelvis moves first. The shoulders stay down. We draw deeply back feeling the lower back.

Connect into the mat. Keep Tucking Ashley. That's it. That's it. That's going to help you get through that spot and curling forward and build the spine tall. And again, exhale. As we curl backwards. I like pressing into my legs with my arms. It's helpful. And um, I get a little bit of back work. Inhale, hold, exhale to come forward. We're going to do that with one more time. Lifting. Yup. Reaching up tall and exhale. So the movement starts from the pelvis.

The pubic bone reaches towards the tip of the nose. Keep feeling that action as you reach for your lower back. Oh, actually it's so much better. And then stay at the bottom. Just off the shoulder blades. Lift the arms up into the air, circle the arms around hold there. Take the arm closest to me and reach out and Xcel. Sit, come back and the arm furthest away a man reach out and Xcel to come back and inhale and exhale. Come and lift the back tall and inhale. Exhale, feeling the pelvis move first. We're doing it again. Rounding down, letting go.

If you want to feel the low back, connect to the ground. Inhale, arms up and arms around and anyhow, arm closest to me reaches and follow with your eyes and exhale to come back on. The opposite arm reaches and we exhale to come back on. Inhale and exhale, digging deep, reaching all the lamp. Lift the back one more time. Exactly the same. Curling the spine, feeling that deep flection. Inhale both arms up. Take them way back there, but don't fall backwards.

And Heel, arm closest to me reaches and comes back and we reach and come back on any curling forward, lifting up, using or not using your arms. You'll decide. Take the arms straight out in front of you. Turn towards me. Keep the knees level round through the spine. Take the arms straight across, stabilizing through the pelvis, rotating to the other side, and we roll up that side. Lifting tall in rotation and finding our way to center. Go the other way.

Inhale. Exhale. Reaching down, feeling the lower back. Connect, feeling the depth of the abdominal of come across. Roll up that side and find center. And one more time. I'm going to offer a bigger challenge. So find your way down for us. Either do what we just did with the um, straight across or lift them up, coming to center, then reach over and Rola and find center. And last time, excellent is we rolled. Yeah. Inhale, arms up. Body comes center over to the other side. We roll back up that side and find your way to center school way into your feet. Real close in. Use Your hands to pull your spine even straighter there and then see if you can keep your back. Extensors are on the spine. Stable, stalling because I don't know if I can and let go and then roll down from there.

Feet close. We're preparing for the pelvic curl. Come in all the way down onto our back. Arms Down, head down. Inhale, exhale as you tuck the pelvis, bending the spine, rolling through the spine, feeling the knee shift toward the toes. Inhale and exhale, curling down. Oh, and breathing in and breathing out. As you press down into your feet and he, let's do this fine. Feel that gentle forward shift or a backward drag with the heels.

Nice active arm position and exhale as you roll down through your spine, reach your arms towards your heels. Reach all the way down until you find neutral pelvis and breathe in and breathe out. Here we go again. Lifting up, pressing the arms back almost. I Dunno, almost wet. I don't know. And Roll. What I wanted to say is almost using the arms to lift the spine or lift the spine higher, but without overextending through the rib cage. One more time. Lifting. Now God holding at the top. We inhale, we are not quite fill high in the rib cage right there and exhale to come down.

Lift the left leg up into tabletop. As you exhale, roll through the spine against single legged roll. Lifting up, lifting. Reach down with the left toes. Tip the Mat. Exhale to bring the leg back up and inhale and exhale. We roll down all the way to neutral and inhale. Feel both arms actively working as we lift. Inhale, reach down, tip the mat. Exhale, lift and roll back down and one more. Rolling up. Okay, nice strong center. Reach down. Tip the Mat. Pull back and roll back down.

Finding the center of this fine. Place that foot down, picking up the right leg. We inhale. Exhale, curling through this spine, reaching up nice and high with the hips, but keep the ribs below the pubic bone and exhale took her dip. Thank you. And round down. Strong arms, mobile spine. Inhale that standing leg. In fact, both legs hugging the midline of your body, lifting up, reaching. Tip The mat hole back up and peeled up.

Nice job guys. On last time. Lifting up, reach down to the mat lifter and all the way down. Keep the right leg in the or. Bring the left leg to meet it. Take your arms into a low v shape and tilt both legs towards me breathing. And as we breathe out, we draw through the center of the body and inhale as we tilt to into the opposite hip. And exhale, squeezing the lakes together for depth in the abdominals. You'll see if you engage your inner thighs, I think that you can feel just a little bit more depth and across and and towards me. Hold here, stretch the legs out. Bring the legs back through, center with the them straight and fold them in and take them across to the other side.

Pull the abdominals back away from the toes as the toes reach out and back to center and we'd been one more time through inhale and reach. Exhale. It's creating a little heavier lever and across the other way and abdominals back, legs up and reach through center and bend the knees. Reach up with your arms are wrapping the arms around the back, sides of the thighs holding the leg. That table talk. We reach up in. Place the hands behind the head. We're going to take the body down.

On the inhale, we're going to lift the body up on the exhale, keeping the lower spine flat. We're going to tip the toes or reach the toes down. X, l, I. N. N. E. L. Spine goes down, XL spine comes up. Inhale, toes reach away. Exhale, toes come back in. Heel spine goes down. One more time, XL, so lift. Inhale, toes reach down. Exhale, dig deep. Press the chest towards the dies and exhale, lift the head and chest in. Hiltz. If the tests stretch the legs low, keep the lower spine flat and lift them up.

Then stretch the legs down in low, but keep that lower spine nice and steady. Nice and heavy. One more reaching out and down and up. Reverse, pulling the chest in the knees towards one another. Stretch the legs in the air, reaching down. Bend in, lifting the chest to the FI's. Anna. Last one, reaching away, pulling in. Hold here. Reach behind your thighs. Pull up a little bit higher. The leg closest to me stays lifted. The other one goes down.

Hold onto the outside of that leg and twist across. Use your arms to increase your rotation and we re progressing into the leg with the arms, pulling the leg towards the midline of the body and using that connection to lift up nice and high into the curl. We're going theory three Hu two one one. Back to the center, to the Mat with your toes. Start to lift the arms. Stretch the legs out on the Mat, gluing them together for the roll up.

We lift the head and chest. Curl through the spine. Lift towel. Press the arms to your sides. Push the arms back through space. Find a rounded back and around, down in printing the spy, reaching the arms overhead, keeping the ribs heavy. Lifting head and chest. Press the lower spine into the ground. Curling. Find the shoulders over the hips, then open up the arms and lift and then reach forward and curl.

Taking the arms out, taking the head down and again, lifting up, curling forward, pressing the arms open. Hold here. Take the arm for this away from me towards the arm closest to me. Roll down there. Don't go all the way. Don't go all the way. So we just open out to the side. We crossed the body, reaching the other direction and roll up that side and open that arm app. Go the way you just came up. Reaching across, round down that side of your spine. Go all the way to your lower back. If you can reach across, you're still lifted across the other side and uh, and unwind. And the other way, rounding down, hang out in center.

When you get the stay right there and just a tiny little curl one and down, arms wide and two and, and three and down. Reach across, roll up. Yes. And sit tall on wine. Going to the other direction, bending through the palace, feeling the low back, connecting to the mat, reaching across, holding that. Just a tiny little app and and two and and three. That's it. We curl all the way back up and come center stretch forward.

Lift up nice and tall. Separate the feed in flax, sitting tall, right over the sitting bones. I'll lose my pants in this class on and that's for sure. Lifting up. Take the head forward, drop back on the abdominals, start bending towards the floor with the forehead. Get this call close as you can towards the floor and then slide the forehead out between the knees. Pressing the knees down in here. Exhale, we roll back up. Stacking up up a pan in here.

You want to go? Wide Bar. Oh, why did I just Chi Bar? I don't know, dad. Reaching out, reaching out and breathe in. Reach way out there and exhale has we Corolla. So Deb wants to go out. So here we go. We open up the chest and push them forward and curl forward.

Lengthening, lengthening. If you don't have space to go out with your arms, you could also go overhead. Just not easier, but reaching up and, oh, go ahead and press [inaudible] in a round down. We're going to take it through extension now, so we're going to build the spine up on the high diagonal, reaching out, reaching out, chest reaches between the knees. Lift up, bring the arms out to the side like a circular motion and press forward and around, down and like a wave. We Lincoln out through the back. Let's inhale here. Reach the arms out to the side. Sit Up and press back to center. One more. Rounding down, reaching. Yeah, reaching a Nice Open Sarah and bring the arms to center. Bend the knees and reach for them. Or reach for your ankles anyway. Rolling like a ball. You find that nice rounded spine.

We go deeper in the abs to lift the fee. And here we go. In Hilter rock, back to the shoulders and, and rock. Back to the shoulders and left and back to the shoulders and left and back to the shoulders. And then lift one more back to the shoulders and left. Take the hands off the shins and place them behind your thighs. Lift your Shin so that they're parallel to the ground and with the utmost control.

Place one bone at a time onto the mat using the arms as much as you need to, not using them. If you don't need to come just off the shoulders, just off the shoulders. Double leg stretch where you reach out and reach out. There's energy here in the arms, in the leg, in the center of our bodies and Nora and Anna are three arms. Nice and narrow behind you too. Here's number one. Single leg stretch. Stretch the right leg forward and switch and long, strong, straight leg.

Nice high level center. The little straight leg reaches just right out on a 60 degree angle and Migos, three press down on the Bentley. Two, two, one. [inaudible] one hands behind the head. Criss crossed her go and slow. Kurth Cross. Yeah. Two, three, three. Reach across towards that leg and switch. Taking the elbow right outside of that knee.

Two and three and three. Now both hands behind the head again, three little quicker to two. One, one. Center, the body. Lift the knees, just the littlest bit straight up into the ear and and straight up into the air. We lift and down. One more sister. Eight. If into the year we lift, placing the head down, reach their arms to your sides. Strikes the leg, legs. Lift them up to vertical. Rolling yourself over on the exhale. From there, deep in through the abdominals. Flex the feet.

Separate them lower than and one vertebrae at a time. Nice. Strongly feel the pelvis come to the mat. Point the feet. Reach down and together and lift. Rolling up and over. Two out of three. Flex. Separate and peeling the spine down.

Point the fee reached down and together. And last one. Rolling. Huh? Flex. Separate. Yeah. Yeah. And Dan Omega. Point, the Thi Circle to touch. Ben The Nisa double leg stretch. Reverse. Inhale as you come to your hundred position. Excellent.

As you take just the arms up and around in heel shoe. Lift up two more inches. XL, bend the knees, reached for them and come all the way down. Inhale as we reach into the a hundred position, exhale, just arms. Inhale, two inches. Then the knees, hold it up and down. One more like that. Inhale into that, reaching up circle around two inches.

Then stay and two with a teaser. Inhale into the hundred XL arms. Inhale as we roll through the spine, reaching, reaching up, letting the arms go, and then peel the spine back down. Get the low back down before we bend the needs to come in. One more time, a hundred position. Inhale. Exhale, arms reaching, reaching. We're not going to come out of this one. We're going to stay here. Stay here.

Lifting, lifting, lifting, lower the legs and take a stretch forward all the way. Rolling yourself up to sit tall. Reach the arms behind you. Place them down on the mat. Strong, straight arms likes together. Goodness, good shoulder stability and me in here lifting the pelvis up, pressing the feet into the ground. Breathing just through the arms and the angles they, hubspot, ups, spine stays lifted and we press down to the legs to lift up through the hips, lengthening out through the top of the head and the toes and, and again, reaching up, up, up and down. One more nice guys and down all the way. Lift off your arms.

Bring your arms around in a circular motion, reaching all the way down to your feet. Place your arms on the mat in front of you or just to the sides of your legs and use the mat. Use your arms to help. You'll have to slide them back, but use them to help you. Come up in a longer back, a straighter back on the diagonal, and then lift the arms up and then sit up and place your hands behind your head and we go into the twist. It's a double Paul [inaudible]. Exhale. Exhale. Inhale, sit tall and turn from the waist and sit tall and keep the feet so totally stuck and turn and center and drop up where then actually give your head a little bit of an upward pole to run. Mind you saw yourself, the direction that you're going and reaching and center and reaching and center and reaching and center and one more reaching and center. Separate the legs. Reach the arms at your comes a saw. Oh holy of flux. Here we go. Turning the body.

I even forward reaching out long through the spine, linkedin even more so as you sit up and unwind in here and turn, exhale, reaching forward. Inhale, we Lincoln keeping me. I'm super straight and XL. Find Center and spiral upward through the spine and reach down and then lengthen up and center and reaching and diving forward and lengthening out. Gorgeous and center last one. And we reach out and we get longer and we find center and last one to the other side. Pressing through the back arm. Use it to help you rotate more lifts.

Find Center, bend your knees, sit back behind your pelvis a little bit. Take one ankle, stretch that Lang. Use that arm to help you build this final little straighter. Take the other ankle, stretch that leg. Here we go, the open leg rocker. We rock back, keep the inner thigh strong, the abdominal strong, and then they'll rise up like you're rising up, out of water. And then back and uh, little left and back and uh, ah, Alaska to back and back and up and bringing the legs together. Lifting even longer, even taller through the back. Let go. Roll away from your feet, taking the spine down down. Dan, if you can go all the way with your back flat. Do. If not, bend your knees. Lifting back, rising up nice and easy.

This is where we've got to find ease in our movements. This really hard stuff. And yeah, feeling the pelvis move first. Reaching back and lift. Reaching and down. One more time. Rolling. Yeah. Taking your arms overhead and lifting.

Keep the arms just forward now. Just forward. Take the legs down in the arms up. Inhale and exhale back and arms up. Legs down, and exhale back. Last one. Exhale back everything at once. Low back down. First reaching the legs away and lifting. Whoa. And two more. Reaching the legs away. They hovered on off the ground. We lift up, reaching up, up, up. Nice guys. Last one. Reaching away and lifting up.

Catch your legs on the left and one more openly. Rocker. Three you India, rocking back. Rocking up and bring the legs together. Control, balance. You're ready. And I let go in a roll down. We're gonna place the arms down in rollover.

So drawing in on the ABS, what? The feet come to the ground. Reach the arms around for your feet length in the back. That's the key to this exercise. I guarantee you hold onto the left foot with both hands. Take the right leg into your urine, reaching it away from you and switch holding the body still in space.

Reaching up and switch up. Ah, anchoring with themselves. Stabilize and crescent leg into the air and a way, one more on each side. Okay. Nope. We'll have to do one more total. Starting again. Drop that lane. Hold onto your feet. Roll down through your spine.

Taking the stretch in a stretch and joy. I mean you need to let go do, but it's continued to control. Points your feet. Bring your arms to the mat, lift the legs up. Jack Knife, Xcel rollover. Inhale to go down. Then up, reaching all the way into the air. Take the legs just over the eyes as you roll down through your by pressing the arms. Feeling the length of the body.

Almost as though you were still holding onto your feet. Taking the light down. Lift. And I feel nice in here. We go down, then up, rising up, use your back muscles, use your hip extensors and then rounding down. Yeah, Dan, last one, lifting up. Exhale over. Inhale down, up, up. Take your time and coming all the way down.

Yes, and Benjamin. Use. Place your feet on floor. Open up wide towards the outside edges of your mat. And then just drop both knees in my direction. Just taking a little stretch here. We drop both knees over and then squeeze that, but that's lifted off the ground and use it to help you open up through the front of your hip and change sides. Reaching forward into opening the hip flexor and change sides.

Last one. And change sites you can coming into center, bringing the legs together. Turn yourself face me. Let me use this. Come off onto your hands. Maybe I don't want it. Okay, so we set up for the side bend. Good. Here we go. Leg strong. Squeeze together. Top leg in front, lifting up into a side plank. Nice lifting through the waist, up, up, up, and at the last minute reached the top arm overhead.

Come back to the side, plank and Ben to go down just tid to the side of the hips, barely touch and up and over and back and down. Hip and uh, and over energy in the, over, reaching, reaching and back. Hold here. Dropped the bottom knee to the mat. Press that bottom hip forward. Lift the top leg nice and high. Take your hand behind your head. We kicked the leg forward and you reach the leg back holding the body still kicked the leg forward and reach back. Press the head into the hands, working for alignment.

Get that leg up as high as you can regrow in one more time. We take it forward, we reach it back. Hold there. Touch the floor behind you. Lift and forward. So we're jumping hurdle and to the back and up to the front. Higher each time. Jump off the ground and back up and forward. Two more and back. Up and forward.

One more. Up, back up. Forward to the back. Take the arm behind the head that is behind the head and reach forward in opposition to that moving leg. Reach everything back to center, higher, higher with that leg. Bend it, sit on it, reaching the opposite arm across. Continue onto that hip. So we just switching sides now, changing arms. Okay, great. Do you want to set up with your arm a little bit further underneath you? Oh wait. From Your Maria? Yeah, so that when you straight and you'll be on over the top of it. Here we go.

Well you left up. I know. We take the waste and we bend it and bend it and bend it in. The top arm goes over and just the eyes look down at that bottom hand and then find your way back to straight. I know we reached just tipping, they, it's on the mat and up and exhale into the rainbow. So we go into a laser beam and then we come down to be in the hips and laser beam, rainbow laser beam knee.

Press the pelvis forward, lift that leg, ha hand behind the head, flex the foot and it comes forward and nice and high to the back and forward. I'm going to draw down on the ribs just a little bit better forward. And there's five of these. Here's four, here's five. We take the leg to the back, we reach, oh the way I, and to the front. Oh the way up into the back. And so the front and to the back and to the front and higher each time to the back. Last one and take it down. And I'll take the opposite. I'm stretched forward, reaching the leg away, reaching me. I'm away in joy.

Bring everything back to the center. Lifting. Not like almost trying to touch the pinky thing. You drove that hand up and then sit on it. Okay. And now we slide onto that hip and going over to the other side again, doing the twist. [inaudible] thinking about in the twist.

So you get into the long line again. And then when you're going up into the, the psych a, it's easier to show start here, right? But then when you're going through the twist, go towards your legs and that's how you're going to get that nice flat fine. So that's in my mind. The secret to the exercise. Shall we go? Let's do three. Lifting up, lift the bottom side of the pelvis, reach towards the feet and rinsing out the spine. Gorgeous. Come back and bet and up and we'll reach under. Go, go, go, go. Reaching all the way down.

Back Down. Last one, reaching under, putting the weight into your feet and all the way down. I know. Bring your legs around to the front and take your arms behind you. Lifting your legs nice and high to the ocean and down into the hip. Circle prep and the other direction.

Way Back with your arms is going to be helpful. Yeah, there you go. Way Back with the RFQ in the chest, lifted all the way into the body and around lifting the chest into the thighs on one more, down, around and up. Another fired down, around and up. And then can we lift up? Can we reach forward then the Nice and shift?

Yes, that worked. Okay, so we're all on our other side for the twist. Here we go. When did you shoulder back a little and here we go. And we reach under, lift the bottom hip up, reach all the way down, flattening out the spine, kind of all the way back and calm down and, and he'll take 'em [inaudible] annex XL reached through. Go for it. Go for it. Go for it and come back and nice and easy on that app and I all the way under pressing the body into the legs and back and down.

Come onto your hands and knees like seen the hands just under the shoulders. Heading towards a plank position. Here we go. Sliding one leg out, lift up through the center of your body. Slide the high like back holding that position. It's gorgeous. It's gorgeous. Bring the right knee underneath the body, slide it in towards the hands and take it back. Body stays, stone left knee comes and right knee comes and back. Left knee comes and back. Now round the body, bringing the body knee into the chest and set down and nene to the chest and sit down at two to three out of three we've got one more thing to do.

We're going to go across towards the opposite of whore and back. Woo. And chew twisting from the waist to 33 come back to center, bend your and sit back onto your feet. Reaching out through the arms. Come all the way forward onto mat sliding the legs out from underneath you.

You're going to bring the arms down. [inaudible] so got pretty gentle back extension to start. Feel the abdominals. Just gently supporting the spine but also feel that the entire pelvis is heavy on the mat. Then allow the elbows to start to slide towards your waist and then just gently lift the back up from there. So my mind is going, it's like the backward action of the arms is what sends the spine forward.

Almost like a yawn. And and again drawing back on the elbows, lengthening out and up through the spine and then almost undulate back downward. So you arch more to come down, not higher up but longer. And again, reaching, reaching hold at the top. Just lift the forums up, press the elbows into the met and see about lifting just a little tiny bit higher. Place the hands down and take the body all the way forward and again, forms into the mat, sliding the elbows back, lifting the chest, pressing into the Elvis to lift the hands and forms gorgeous and down and taking the body all the way down. One more like that. Reaching, keeping the leg strong, keeping the leg strong, lifting the hands, hands down, and take the body all the way back forward from the lift. Just a little bit, not to your Max. Lift the arms again, the forearms.

Keep that feeling in your upper back as you now stretch the arms forward, floating the legs and we inhale alternating legs and arms. Inhale for four counts and exhale for four counts. Email for four accounts, and exhale for four counts. And then exhale. One more time. Inhale, exhale and reach everything a little longer.

Take the arms around to the legs, place the legs down and lift the body up. Reach the arms back out to the T. Bring the arms underneath your shoulders and press all the way back into rest position. Yeah, I'm jealous of you guys down there with the fans. I'm like, okay, okay. Okay, you're done. Resting. I'm all dry it off. Let's go. Okay, so let's come back onto their hands and knees.

Find your way back towards straight legs. Yup. Supporting through the weights. We're going to round to the lower spine. Bend the knees, pull the knees forward so you're going onto your tip toes there and then everything comes back and then we Curlin and everything comes back and we curl and we're done herself and everything comes back. One more Curlin and everything comes back to pushups and and bent and lift the pelvis and walk the hands to the femen and take a breath in there and roll yourself up all the way. Take the hands out.

I just want to take it closer to the fan and open swan dye for reaching out with a flat back, tilting the tailbone up towards the ceiling. Dive forward, walking forward with the hands, finding your playing position. Hold their left leg points and reaches out and a little lower with the pelvis. Maria, little rounder with the spine, Ashley and one more. And now lift the whole body. Left leg goes all the way into the air and into Arabesque, pressing down through that right leg. And uh, last one, reaching up. As we come down, we tuck the toes back under, coming into the front support, we lift the hips with both feet on the ground. We walked back to the feet, try to go straight up and inhale and exhale as we roll back up.

Okay. And take the arms up and open and reach through the spine. And I forward find them out. I forgot the push ups. I was going to let me make us do pushups. Well, do it now, uh, after. So we'll go the left leg up for what we do. Three. Yeah, right. Like right. Like right. Like again, one, two, three and into air. Beske and then all the way back down, top to toe or the top of the foot into arabesque.

Reach way up there and down and into air baskets and down. Put the foot down. Three pushups. How many does five pushups for day too? You don't want to do pushups, you just hold your plane. You don't want to hold your plink come down onto your knees. Last one. We're gonna bend the knees, sit all the way back onto the feet from there.

[inaudible] and then slide your body out. Your legs come on out. Straight a double leg. So take the finger, Interlochen you have a nice and high up on your back and turn your faces towards me. Gently draw the shoulders away from me here and then gently drop the elbows down. And now we hovering the legs, keeping the pelvis nice and heavy. Kicking in one. Yeah, chat. Reaching along. Keep the legs pretty long. Good. And other way, those that had the elbows reached down to three annual reaching long and again, what little quicker to and reach out and kick Weber two three n reach out. Last one here, one, two, three. And reach out and last time and retail and take the arms out and bring the forms down. Lowering the legs.

Zomi press off the forearms and slide the knees under to sit back on the feet. Once again. [inaudible] okay. Combination. Starting sitting on your feet around the spine. Hover, just off the feet like any stretch. And then curl forward.

Curl Fort. As the pelvis comes over, the knees start engaging to the backs of the legs and, and the ads. So as we undulate forward lifting the chest through the arms, we're supporting the low back with the legs. Good. Now try it around the back. It'll reach nice and high up off the floor, and then sit back towards the feed. Just hover and then curl forward. Let's exhale. Now. Inhale as we undulate through that stretch, lifting the chest, supporting the shoulders, reaching up off the floor and exhale as we bend our way back.

And one more time. Rounding up. Yeah. Pressing the pelvis forward. Listing up, up, up, up through the back. Oh Man. All the way back. Cross your legs behind you. Roll over your feet. Stretch your legs out in front of you. Boomerang.

You asked what I'm delivering right? Here we go. Okay, so this, what's the secret to the boomerang, right? Figuring out where you can get your lower back down and your legs to come up without going around by Archie back. So something I don't have the answer to yet. I'm still working on it, but I'll tell you what I'm doing. So we start going down and I do know that you've got to start thinking about lifting the legs right away. Getting the low back down. Stay there. Oh, see there, see their legs off the ground, legs off the ground. Do like a little [inaudible], a rock here and, and rock and rock and all the way over. And now uncross the legs.

Recross the opposite leg on top. As you roll down, start lifting the head. So there's your boomerang. Here comes the train. Reach all the way up. Take the arms out. [inaudible] with control. We take the legs to the ground, we reach around all the way over to this fee. And again, Randy and Dan start thinking about stability right away. Right away, picking up the lake, rolling all the way off and crossing. Re cross the legs, healing the spine. Start lifting the head.

Keep the head in the knees close and then reaching circle. Keep the legs nice and high. Reach back, lower the legs and reach. Oh all the way around. Take the spine further than you think you can. And let's do that two more times. Rolling back. Find good and uncross. Recross and rolling down, reaching up, reaching up, circle, stretch saw, crowd forward and stretch all the way last time. [inaudible] in the low back as the legs float into the air, reaching over and crossing to recross, letting the [inaudible] I move is one unit. So as the lower spine comes down, the upper spot is already floating up there, reaching, holding the leg, reaching the arms back.

And I think just stretch legs down and take it all the way forward. Okay, so here's the question guys. Were you serious about the crap you want to do it? Okay, this person did the field first, then crab. Okay.

Alright, so we reach underneath the knee with the elbow. If it's too hard for you, hear back up, out of the position a little bit. So if you know, got a really tight back and here's a really difficult exercise for you, make it available for you. So I'll tell you what I think about in order to keep my balance. Push your arms into your knees, squeeze your knees into your arms and anytime you lose balance, think about that. And then we open and close the hips. One, two, three.

Rock back to the shoulders. One, two, three and one, two, three and one, two, three. This one's harder than the crowd in my opinion. I'm back. And one, two, three and find low. I lasted and last one. Rolling and coming all the way back up. Setting the feet down. Okay, so find a spot in your map where you're going to be okay. Going onto your head.

Take a hold of the outsides of the feet. Pull the legs in, clothes, shoulders down, rock back all the way. Stretch the legs out. Uncrossing. Recross the legs, Steen lifted as you rebound. That's the toughest part. Then curl up. Use your fifth to push you off so it's come more comfortable to go up and over your shins in the arch into the spine or round into the spine is probably more specific. And then we go back, we use our hands, we roll over, stretching the legs out. Uncrossing recross bend going for it.

This is so good. And then back rolling back. We'll do two more and then cross three cross. Once you're [inaudible] find them up, push off them and then it's easier to get over the shins and then progress up into the back. Stretching the net and back. Reaching stretch and cross recross rolling up and over witching and pressing up into the back. We're going to go through this one more time. No, two more times. We're not coming back onto the head. We're going to go up into the kneeling physician here. Okay, so go ahead.

Come. Yeah. Come here from where you are and come up into the kneeling position right from where you are. So pressing into the hips, you get that nice stretch. Then we're going to bend over. It's like a pike here. We've got to find our feet. The roll back. Then it's the same challenge the hips over shoulders, knees, bending, oral, all the way up and reach out.

Yeah. And then bending back. Find the feet rocking back. Stretch and cross recross bent all the way up [inaudible] and then just unwind and turn this way. You guys did so good and reaching the irons out. I was just going to do a little stretching. So we're going to go, let's go into the ocean for a step. Just a little forward with your body. That's it. And it just over, just keep the arms parallel to one another, parallel to one another, reaching out through the spine and then left.

Nice and easy and over. Yeah, and over another. This time we reached out and take the top arm up and over, up and over, the lengthening through the side of the body. If you can touch, go ahead and then hand and can reach over and the upper arm goes and then the arm and the spine and then reach into the air. I don't know, around the spine. Sit right back. Just hovering over the heels, hovering over the heels and then lift and open the arms and lift the arms up and around. Back.

Well in the abdominals, away from the m sitting back, bringing the ams to them and left. And one more time lifting up. Reaching forward. Yeah, I know. Bet. That was so fun.

That was super fun.


Michael L
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Great class, as usual! :)
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Something wrong tonite, all the videos i picked up are not working...second one that i cannot see.
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Candy's deep sigh at the beginning made us all laugh and got the feel good hormones started before the hard work. You're was super fun and super hard too as you seamlessly and sneakily led us into all those teaser variations. Thanks for keeping it real for those whose don't get to enjoy the camaraderie in the studio "en vivo" Meredith. I admire a teacher who takes on the exercises that are her personal challenges even when filming. Thanks for setting such a wonderful example for the rest of us.
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See you one week from today....can't wait!!!
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Terrific, as always,
Thanks so much,
Jayne Lewis
Thank you everyone! excited to see you again. I also can't wait.
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fab class
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awesome class!
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Great workout and beautiful form and execution of your work always, Meridith:) Thanks!!
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OMG!!!! You make it look so easy. I Loved it from start to finish. Loved the order, loved the flow...LOVE YOU!!!! I don't think I have felt my abdominals this intense throughout a class in a long time. I am looking forward to being sore tomorrow.
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