High-Energy Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 840

High-Energy Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 840

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Maybe a year from now I can be "camera ready" for a level 2/3. In the meantime, I sure appreciate the privacy of my own home while I practice towards that goal. love Loved LOVED visiting your gorgeous studio this week. Finally met Deb...hopefully next time Wendy and Candy too. Huge thanks to you and Michelle for making the class with you possible!! I may be over the shock of it being filmed, but not quite.
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Beautiful fluid transitions for an inspiring class Thank you!
Thanks everyone for the great feedback!
Joni, it was so great to see you. A HUGE thank you to Michelle for introducing us and making it all possible. I love you guys!
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fabulous class!
Susan H
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This is now one of my favorite classes! Thanks
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Brilliant!!! Wonderful variations, creative transitions & you worked my bum off!! Love it! Thank you Meredith! :))
Thanks ladies! I had an especially fun time teaching this class.
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I can bike 100 miles, run a marathon, swim for hours, perform every reformer exercise, and do all sorts of Barre stuff, but this was the hardest and most amazing feeling of all!
Yes, Casey! I know the feeling well.
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