Class #865

Tower Workout

10 min - Class


A challenging sequence of exercises for abs, obliques and back that flow from lying to sitting to kneeling to standing. Rolldown bar is used.
What You'll Need: Tower

About This Video


Okay, so today I'm going to show a sequence. You're using the roll down bar on the tower. This can of course also be done at the Cadillac and it's a more advanced sequence of pick and ...


Great quick sequence!
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I love your energy, Niedra!
Great energy, great variations .. lovely work Niedra! Thank you! :)
Thanks Anita, Nicole and Yoly, enjoy your workouts and Happy Holidays ( Xmas is almost here...)
Thanks Niedra! Good sequence!
Kicked my booty in 10! Love everything about your style of instruction Niedra!!
Love that you enjoyed it.
Niedra, you are awesome. Love your style of instruction!
Thank you Patti, Happy new Year - may this year be physical, inspirational and filled with growth!
Good exercises with clear direction and purpose. I really like the teaching which is gracefull and verbally well instructed. Thank you!
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