Class #901

Fletcher Barre Work™

50 min - Class


"Start with the breath and build from there." Jenna Zaffino is back on PA to teach a Fletcher Barre™ class. Have fun working on the vertical alignment of your spine using the breath to help you achieve length throughout. You'll transition from simple to complex movement patterns as class progresses and may even surprise yourself with how much fun it can be to work on balance. Though Jenna uses a ballet barre for this class, you can easily use a stable kitchen chair at home.
What You'll Need: Mat, Table Chair

About This Video


Hello, my name is Jenn is a fino and this is Fletcher bar work. And we will start facing inward towards each other. And Go ahead and take yourself out far enough away from the bar. So ...


HI Jenna, great class ! love it Today i watched , tomorrow I'll do it !
Thanks Corinne - Let me know how you feel after finish!
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Thanks Jenna! The energy, flow and cuing of this class was so inspiring!
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Thank you...nice & methodical...grabbing some pieces to use in my barre sessions, like the passé series, single leg plies, corkscrew hip name a few Thank you!
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Beautiful class and instruction, loved it! Thank you.
Hi Bonnie, Jennifer and Kerry. I'm so glad you enjoyed the class - it was a lot of fun to teach - I'm already planning new "tools of torture" at the barre... stay tuned :).
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Loved the class, can't wait to see how I feel tomorrow, and then try it again!
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Thanks for helping me "wake up" my balance. I always love how something so challenging can feel so accessible when presented well.
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Hi jenna, I just did your class, love it , feel great. it helps me to come out of the box of the repertoire, I'm use to follow my cards to much when doing barre work, so this is a nice variation, thanks so much :)
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Great class Jenna! I especially liked the passé series. I feel much taller now:)
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