Class #950

Mat Workout

40 min - Class


Enjoy some creative ways to challenge the intermediate level exercises without moving on to the advanced choreography. Melissa teaches a flowing classes that uses the overball to work all aspects of your body in just 40 minutes.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

About This Video


So we're going to actually start, um, on your mat. So go ahead and have a seat, not starting standing. Come closer to the front edge of your mat and take the ball place. Sit between yo...


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Melissa, I think this is the second class I have taken from you. I took your reformer class which was really good. I thought your cueing was very clear and the pace was nice. Good class, keep them coming.
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Wow, this stuff is addictive. thanks! Beautifully taught.
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I liked it alot!!
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Loved it! Really great work out for the core...I felt it!
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I love the small ball and been looking forward to more PA lessons using it! You really made me enjoy my workout today, I am going to try to do this class 2x a week. Thanks so much, the pace and transitions excellent.
Glad you are enjoying the workout! I do love using the small ball as a prop!!!
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Wow! My new favorite class! Thank you!
Yeahhhh!!!! Your favorite class Patti! Thank you so much!!!
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Really loved this class. Great pace and transitions. Thanks
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Such a wonderful class, my favorite. My core is feeling it and loving it. Wonderful cueing. Thank you.
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