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Mat Workout

40 min - Class


Enjoy some creative ways to challenge the intermediate level exercises without moving on to the advanced choreography. Melissa teaches a flowing classes that uses the overball to work all aspects of your body in just 40 minutes.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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So we're going to actually start, um, on your mat. So go ahead and have a seat, not starting standing. Come closer to the front edge of your mat and take the ball place. Sit between your knees. Take the ball between your knees. You can take your hands right behind your thighs. And now from here, your feet are about hip distance apart. So you have your toes, your heels, your knees, your hips, your shoulders, all in line. And now let's just start to lengthen up through the spine.

So visualize the crown of the head reaching up towards the ceiling. Joy, your deepest abdominals in and feel that length of the spinal column. You're going to take a nice deep breath in through your nose. Now on your exhale, draw your deepest abdominals and then start to rotate your pelvis under. As you roll back just into a seeker of your hands, still stay holding onto the thighs. Look towards your belly. Take a breath in. As you exhale visually, see your abs.

Pull into your spine and start to round forward. On your inhale. Lengthen the spine. Lift up tall on your exhale, draw the abdominals in and round your spine back into your c curve. Breathe in through the nose. On the exhale. Draw your belly and press the feet down into your mat. Give the ball a little gentle squeeze and length in all the way up.

Again, exhale as you round your spine back. Take a breath in through the nose on the exhale. Visually see that belly pull in and resist coming forward. Resist, resist, resist, and lengthening all the way up to more axial. Rolling the spine down. Inhale, pause, exhale. Pull the ABS in and around the spine forward. Inhale, lengthen and exhale.

Rule your spine down. Inhale, pause. Hold it right here. Reach your arms forward with control. Roll it down through the lower back, the middle back, the upper back, the shoulders and the head. Bring your feet and a little closer to you. Take your hands behind your head. The elbows come into the peripheral vision. You're going to take a breath in on your exhale. Curl your chest up, eyes at your belly. Feel those ribs slide down to your hip bones in.

He'll control the lowers. Just five of these. Exhale, stomach pulls and ribs. Slide down to your hip bones. Inhale, control the lower exhale ribs. Slide down your hipbones a ball. You just give it a little gentle squeeze with the inner thighs and rule the spine down to more. Breathing out to curl up. Inhale to control the roll down. Exhale to curl up. We're going to pause right here. Take your right hand to the outside of your left knee.

The left elbow still stays exactly where it is and let's do little pulses. Lifting up and exhale. Three, exhale for Exhale, five we do 10, six and seven and eight. Two more and 10 take your hand behind your head. Take your left hand across towards the outside of the right knee. Take an inhale. Exhale a little pulse, one and pulse to breathe out.

Three and four, keeping the hips square, keeping equal length on both sides of your waist and lift and lift to more lift and lift. Let's come back to the center and roll your spine down. Arms are going to reach down to your sides. Knees, come up to a tabletop position. Just gently engage in the inner thighs, squeezing the ball. Take a breath in. On the exhale, curl your head, neck and shoulder blades. Energy is sent out through the fingernails. Let's pump the arms and tabletop with the knees. Breathing in two, three, four, five. Exhale, press the arms down. Pull the belly in. Inhale two, three, four, five axial, dry abs and see them. Pull in. Inhale two, three, four, five axle. See your abs. Pull and straighten the legs to the ceiling. Inhale, two, three, four, five.

As you exhale, engage the ball with the inner thighs. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Axial school he is about with the inner thighs. Start to lower your likes to your point of control. The back is stable, the ABS are challenged. And let's do two more breaths. We inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale. Two, three, four, five. And inhale. Two, three, four, five X. Everybody. Pause right here. Lifting, inch.

Bend your knees and hug your knees into your chest. Hold behind your thighs. Come on up. You're going to take the ball into your hands. Knees are together. So again, just like you started lengthening up through your spine, draw the abs deeply in and out. Take a breath in. Exhale, roll your spine down into your c curve, keeping way over your heels and your toes. Hold here. Hold the ball in your right hand. Open the right arm as you exhale. Inhale, bring the ball. So left-hand left arm opens with the ball and center.

Good axial. Draw the ABS N and center. Try to keep those shoulders nice and square. Reached through the right fingers forward. Here we go. Reach your left arm. Forward the balls in the right hand as you open. One more. Only exhale and he'll hold the volume of the ball a little squeeze and round forward and sit up tall length in your spine. Arms are in front of you. Taken.

Inhale on the exhale. Round your spine down from here, you're going to rotate. So keeping your nose in line with the ball. Twist to the right. Inhale Center. Exhale, twist to the left. Inhale, you too. A story. That laughter of spirals are around to the right and center. Spiral, the right rib around to the left. Inhale, center one more.

Both sides rotate and center. Last time we rotate and center. Draw your belly and roll all the way up. Lengthen your spine. You're going to stretch your legs out. Toes are pointed. You're going to reach forward. So again, pull that belly and keep your c curve.

Shoulders down. Start to roll down to your back. We'll go into roll-ups. From here, your toes are pointing. You're reaching the ball hole where the arms stretch back. Flex your feet nice and strong. Raise arms up to the ceiling. Exhale, roll your spine up. Push through your heels. Press the thighs down and stretch forward.

Point your toes and start to roll down. Keep reaching the ball forward. Draw the belly in deeply as every vertebrae. One by one touches your mat. Flex the feet nice and strong. Raise the arms. Axial prs size down, shoulders down, hall over your abs. Stretch forward. Point your toes and roll down.

Keep reaching the ball forward. Draw the belly in, in, in, in, in, and stretch and lengthen. Flex the feet. Raise the arms. Exhale. Rule your spine up. Pull the ABS in and stretch forward. Roll up to seated so you're sitting up tall. You're going to separate your leg. It's about hip distance apart and take the ball between your feet.

From here, reach your arms forward and rule your spine all the way down the arms. Go down to your sides. That's a transition. Head is down. Your chest is nice and wide, broad and open. You're going to bend your knees to tabletop. From here. Extend your legs up to this ceiling.

We're going into the roll over just the ray taken. Inhale, but chestie's wide shoulders are down. Use your abs to roll over. Keep that Chin lifted. Neck is long. Exhale ruled down. Taking your time rolling down with precision through the center of your spine. Legs go down to about 45 degrees. Inhale, lift the legs up to 90 exhale, draw your abs in to rule over again, focused on your neck position. Look up at your knees.

Feel rule your spine down through the upper back, middle back, lower back, tailbone, legs. Reach down to 45 and had lift the legs up. Exhale rural up in over. And now slowly and controlled. Roll it down. Check your soldiers. They're down. Your chest is wide, your stomach is tight.

Once you get to 90 let's bend the knees to tabletop. You're going to take that ball in your hands and place your feet down. So feet are hip distance apart. Roll your spine up so your hips are lifted. Transfer that ball so it's going to go right. Your back, the low back, right by your Seagram. And then rest your sacrum down on the ball.

Arms or down to your sides. Stretch your left leg all the way down and flex your left foot. Anchor the thigh down. You're going to take your right need. A table top position, and now stretch the right like up towards the ceiling. Draw your belly in leg circles.

Take the leg across the body down around, and center. They don't have to be very big. Inhale, exhale, center. Use Your abdominals. Three exhale, center two more on this direction. One more. Put the brakes on in the center. Let's reverse. So that goes out, down around in center. Stay nice and stable. ABS are engaged.

The back of the left thigh stays active. Two more. Last one, and now bend your right knee to tabletop. Place the foot down. You're going to bend your left knee. Slide their right leg down. Flex the right foot, left knee to tabletop. Stretch the left leg to the ceiling.

Take your left leg to the right across the body. Circle it down around and center. Inhale, exhale down around in center 30 draw the ABS in four. Exhale one more and stop in the center. Let's reverse so that goes out down around in center, using your abs, pressing down into the back of the right thigh. Two more. Last one, and you can bend that left knee. Place the foot down, flat down. Bend your right knee. Lift your hips up, take the ball away.

The ball goes up to the ceiling. We just transitioned. Rolling your spine down one vertebrae at a time. Creep your feet away from you and roll up. Just transitioned all the way. Got It from here. Keep the ball in your hands. We're going to roll like a ball.

Your elbows and your knees are attached. You're going to come to the tips of your toes and now just stay here so the feet can stay down on the mat just for a moment. That's just connect to form. So knees and elbows press on each other. Now round your spine so you're in a posterior tilt here and your pelvis look towards your belly. Lift your feet off of the mat. Shoulders are down three times only. Here we go. And Hail.

Rock back to the shoulder blades. Exhale, lift and balanced. Two more. Inhale, rock back to the shoulder blades. Exhale, lift in balance. One more rock back and exhale, lift and balance. Good. Three more. Your balls going to go from the heels to the back of the thighs, a little bit tighter. Hands to your ankles, elbows and knees still attach.

Look towards the ball three times we rocked back and exhale, lift and balance and again, keep that nice deep scoop. Inhale, exhale and balance. One more. Inhale and exhale. Lift. Go. Three morally like a ball. Let's take the ball away. From there. It's going to go at your chest, the sternum and the thighs to make it more challenging. Your arms cross around each other. And here we go.

Inhale rock back and exhale lefts and again, rock back and exhale, lift and last one rock back and balance and pause at the top of the lovely. You're going to take that ball. We're going to do a teaser transition so the legs reach forward, the ball goes to your ankles. From here, pull the ABS in. Feel that length of your spine. You're going to slowly roll. Damn the ball goes to the knees, only legs. Stay there if you can. And then you roll Roy back up, ball to the ankles. Two more valley pulls in. You ruled down with control. Inhale there and accelerate all up.

Reach the ball to the ankles. Lovely. One more an Eel roll back and axial roll out the ball goes to the ankles and we're going to roll all the way down. Ball to the knees, arms to the ceiling. Bend your knees and lower your head just for a moment. Okay, we go into the abdominal five series. So the ball is in the ceiling. Knees are in Table Top. Take a breath into prepare. Exhale, curl your chest up. Shoulder blades are lifted off of the mat. Eyes on your navel. Stretch your right leg to about 45 degrees.

Engage the back of that right Fi. Now switch. Extend the left leg to 45 engage the back of the thigh and let's go with flow. We inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale. Inhale axil deep in the core, and inhale. Inhale, exhale, exhale. One more time.

Exhale, exhale. Bend your knees and let's give it a break for one breath. Slower down, double leg. Stretch, arms to the ceiling, knees in tabletop. Take a breath in to prepare. Exhale, curl your chest up. Shoulder blades are lifted as on the belly. You're going to take the ball overhead as your legs extend forward and exhale, pull it in ball to the shins and the hail length and in two directions. Exhale. Jarden. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, pull it and go. Let's just do four. Exhale. M keeping the shoulder blades lifted. Three, exhale in.

Really lengthen and stretch. Exhale in last one. Exhale in from here. Take that ball behind your head. So we're going to give our neck a little break for the next series. Arms go down to your sides. Stretch your leg straight up towards 90 degrees.

Lower your right leg down and keep left like stray and engage the back of your thighs. Switch and just pause. Feel the belly pull in deeply. Let's go with flow. We switch and two and three and four. Breathing out. Five, six, seven, eight. Two more. Bend your knees to table a ta and take the ball.

The ball goes between your ankle, the leg up to the ceiling. The hands are behind your head. Elbows are in your peripheral vision. Legs are as long as you can get them first. We're gonna start by lowering the legs just to about the point where the ceiling and the wall meet. That's it. Exhale, lift them back up to the ceiling. Lower them down to about the middle of the wall. Exhale back up.

Lower them down as low as you can towards the floor. And exhale left and we repeat. Inhale the wall on the ceiling. Exhale, draw the ABS in. Inhale the middle of the wall. Exhale left. Inhale down towards the floor.

If you can draw the belly in and lift last time through. Inhale. Exhale, lift to the middle of the wall. Exhale, lift, keeping your back protected. Your abs challenge. Lower lift and bend your knees. Hug the knees in. Okay, Chris Cross. You're going to take the ball. You're going to get fancy. He goes in front of your thighs, your elbows touch the ball and your hands are behind your head.

So me is together. That's it. Ball in front of your thighs, right in the crease. I've been mean. You're going elbows together, so take your right elbow and bring it back so you're rotated to the right. Just pause there. Gently press your left elbow into the ball. Come back to the center. Open your left elbow to the side and gently press your right elbow into the ball and come back to the center. Open the right elbow. Stay here this time.

Stretch your left leg forward. Press the elbow into the ball and come back to the center. Open the left elbow, upper, then stretch your right, like press into the ball early in front of her through a few more with low. Here we go. Breathing out, twist. Inhale, center, act, fail, twist. Inhale, center. We have four. Breathing out, 30 good and last two and math one and and rock down. Hug your knees into your chest. Lovely.

Let's rock up to seed it. So from here, open up your legs. So they are to the edge of your mat and you're gonna hold onto the ball. So reaching the ball right in front of your chest, pull your toes back like there's a wall up against your feet. There is a nice wall up against your back. You're lengthening. Inhale to prepare on your exhale. Pull your stomach in deep. Lee, as you round forward, you're rounded, but you still have length of your spine. You're gonna Pulse here three times.

Reach one reached to reach 30 press your hands in towards the ball. As you roll up one vertebrae at a time. Lengthening up through the crown of the head. Your head goes down, your stomach pulls in, tight. You around. Forward with Lange and you pulse one and two and three. Draw the ABS and press down through your thighs to roll up and like them had goes down last time. Rounding forward, push through your heels, pull your shoulders away from your ears and pulse. One, two, three rule. Fine. This time take your arms all the way up.

Overheads. I don't have much room here, but you will. Your right hand holds onto the ball. That arm's going to go down towards the floor and you go into a nice lateral side stretch. So press your hand into the bla lengthen. Make sure you have way into your left tip and I'll come up to the center. You hold the ball with two hands, take the ball into your left hand.

Press it down to the floor, grow up tall, weigh in the right hip as you stretch up and over and then lift up. All straight up. Good. Just one more on both sides. The ball is on the right hand. Lift up through the left, fingertips get link, then you side stretch. Inhale, lift all the way up til last time. Here the ball is in the left hand. Get Tall, lift up and go over lateral side stretch, and then lift the ball up into two hands. One more. Here. The ball goes behind your head. Lift your chin, keeping the back of the head, pressing gently into the ball. You're going to twist.

I didn't rotate your torso to the right from here. Spine. Stretch forward. Your forehead goes down towards your right knee. Roll up, still twisted towards the right and rotate all the way around to the left and now round the spine. Forward forehead towards the me. Then rule the spine up, rotating to the left and rotate all the way around to the right. Exhale, draw your abs in and rotate and stretch. Roll the spine up and rotate all the way around to the left. Exhale, abs. Pull en hips. Stay Square, rural out.

Let's do one more in both sides. Rotate keeping those hips still. Flex the feet strong. Ground forward, rolling up and rotate to the left. Exhale, pull the ABS in. Keep in your right Hap, and then rule it up and since they're good, take that ball forward. Bend your knees, you're going to take the ball between your knees and we're going to open like rocker variations, three of them. So your hands are going to go behind your size and then just lift your feet off of the mat. So press your hands into your thighs, press your thighs into your hands and grow tall. Shoulders are back. You're going to take a breath in. As you exhale, you're gonna rock back. So here we go. Rock back, you rock up. And then inhale, lengthen tall, working on that spine mobility again. Two more. Exhale back, exhale up and he'll link. Then the spine tall.

One more round, back, round up. Inhale, lengthen. Good. Stay either with that level or extend your legs. Make sure the ball stays between the knees and then if you can take your hands to your calves or your ankles. Sit Tall. Lengthen that spine. Same spine mobility. Round, back, round up. Inhale, sit straight and sit tall. Exhale back.

Exhale up. Inhale says story and tell one more. Roll back raw. In Hail, we have one more very ship. Take the ball legs together, ball to your ankles. Try to sit tall and if you need to bend your knees or you stick with any level, you can. Here we go. Rock back ruck up. Inhale, lengthen in the spine. Two more. Exhale. Exhale. Inhale. Last one.

Back and up and holds it. Here we do a teaser. Transition my friends. Roll that down. Ball to the knees and roll right back up to the ankles to more. You can do it. Here we go. Roll down. Bend the knees if you'd need to. I'd rather see the spine mobility. And last one is anybody else. Shake it.

Hey and roll up and here we go. Roll all the way down. Stretch it off. Okay, lovely. Okay, we're going to come on to our stomachs. Okay. Do Little Swan here. So we're going to have our legs about hip distance apart. You're going to take the ball, it's going to be behind your back.

You're going to hold the ball with both of your hands and your forehead is down into the mat. So from here, just find that body position so your legs are open, the legs are reaching long's, the back of the thighs is active, your abdominals are pulled in, your soldiers are down away from your ears. On your next inhale, just lift your chest up, hovering off of the mat, looking still down towards your mat. The ball stays in the right hand and you reached both of the arms out to the sides. Both of the arms circle. You take the ball into both hands, overheads, transfer it to your left hand. Circle the arms out to the sides. The ball is in two hands. I want you to lift a little higher and then lower down and we'll do that again.

Inhale, hover off of the mat. The ball stays in your left hand as you reach the arms out to the sides and overhead hold with two hands. Shoulders are down, ball is in the right hand. You circle them around. Once it goes to two hands, you lift a little higher and you lower down again. Inhale left. Exhale ball on the right hand. Take the arms overhead and circle around the balls in the left hand.

Arms are behind the back of the little higher and lower down mass. Time in hair left. Exhale, circle. And he'll transfer and circle lifts a little higher and lower down. From here. We're just going to sit back and a rest position for a moment. So sit on your heels, stretching your arms forward. Okay.

Okay. And then from that position there, we'll transfer the ball between your ankles. We're going to go into swell plank. So bring the while between your ankles to your eye, basically on the balls of the feet. Okay, so let's come onto all fours just to kind of establish this position that we're going to do. Okay, so come, um, let's come closer to the front of the mat so you can bring the legs further back. So balls between your ankles, you have your wrists underneath your shoulders. And now from here, bring those legs back into a plank. Good. Holding it here. Just gently squeeze in towards the ball. Just say engage the muscles of the inner thighs. Now push energy back through your heels. And our thighs. Engaged.

Glutes engaged. Draw the low abs in. Feel where your shoulder blades are pressing down away from the ears. Now lift the chin slightly. The neck is aligned with your spine. Okay. Go down to your right elbow. Good answer. Your left elbow. Lift up onto your right hand. Lift up onto your left hand.

Go down to your left elbow. Down here. Right elbow. Lift up onto your left hand and her right hand I again. Right Elbow, left elbow, right hand, left and left elbow. Right Elbow, left hand. One more time there. Right Elbow, left elbow, right hand, left hand and left. Right, right, left, right. Bend the knees down. Take your ball away and sit back on your heels. Stretching the arms forward. Huh? Okay. Gotcha. So we're going to do a side plank from there.

So we'll do it on the elbow. So come on to your right elbow, I guess facing me as good. Yeah, that's fine. And then we'll take this ball. We're going to take it between your knees to start. Okay. Okay. So when you're on your elbow, you want the elbow to be slightly away from your shoulder and then just get that scapula stability. So press your shoulder down. You have your heels in line with the elbow from here. Go ahead, lift your hips up and then stretch the arm up towards the ceiling.

We're going to keep the left arm right up towards the ceiling and you're going to lower the hip down. Exhale left down. Exhale left 30 pull the abs into left for he reaching up towards the ceiling. 5:00 AM I lifted holds from here round. You're gonna thread the needle. This hand goes underneath the arm and then lift up and open in your chest.

Come back to the center, thread the needle. Lift the arm back to the ceiling and open in the chest. Back to the center. One more. Thread the needle. Lift the arm up and open the chest. Come back to the center and lower the hip down. Good. Come on up.

We'll just go straight to the other side so I can keep the ball between your knees lining yourself up the heels. My elbow are in line for us. That shoulder down. Either lift the arm up right away or help yourself up and you're in a side plank with the knees bent. Goodness. Stay here. Just feel that your ribs are together. Your waist is lifted, you're strong in your core. Inhale, lower the hip. Exhale left. Inhale, lower. Exhale, left 30 and pull the abs into left for that shoulders down.

So lift one more. We stay here. Draw your belly in deeply as you twist it around through throughout the noodle. Lift the arm haws in the center and that open your chest and center. I got an exhale round. Inhale Center and I'll open the chest and center.

One more ax. You know, rotate and center, open and center, and gently lower the hip down. Good. Coming up from there. Start wherever or go back to where you started class. So you're going to reach the ball forward. The knees are together. Roll your spine down, down, down to your back.

Good. Once you get there, we're going to place the ball. It's going to go underneath your feet for bridgework. So you're want your knees to be together. You want the arches of the feet to be over the ball. Keeping your chest broad and open stomach is held and tight, so right away engage your abs. You're going to take it. Inhale as you exhale, push down into your feet, dry your belly, and so try to curl your pelvis under to rule your hips up into a bridge.

Inhale right there. As you exhale, roll your spine down, the upper back, the middle back, the lower back. Then the tailbone again. You're going to scoop your belly in deeply. Press your feet into the ball and rural your spine up. Breathe in at the top and exhale. Roll down one vertebrae at a time.

Again, push into the ball with your feet. Scoop your belly to your spine. Lift your hips and roll down with control. Two more times. ABS, pull in, feet. Press down. Hamstrings and glutes are working and you roll down trying to get all those vertebraes to articulate. Last one. Exhale.

Roll it up. Inhale, pause at the top. Exhale, roll the spine down. Good. Okay. You're going to take that ball with your hands. It's going to go between your knees. We're still on our backs. Okay, so creep your feet forward a little bit so they're not real close to you. They're pretty much a little further away and you're gonna take your arms all the way back overhead. From here, you're gonna raise your arms up towards the ceiling. Feel the ribs pull down, feel your belly pull in, and let's roll up. The further your feeder away from you, the easier the roll-up will be.

So find a challenge point where you can still manage. Inhale here. Exhale, draw your belly in and roll down. Give it up. All just a little squeeze, engaging in the inner thighs. Arms stretch back overheads. Raise the arms to the ceiling. Lift your head. Exhale, push weight down into your feet. Use the inner thighs to assist. Inhale and exhale. Rule down. Think of opposition. Reach your fingers full word as you rolled down one more like this.

Arms left x, he'll roll the spine up. But inhale and exhale. Roll down. Keep reaching the fingers forward. As you roll down arms, go back single leg teaser three on each side. Stretch your right leg forward. Inhale, raise the arms. Exhale, roll up through the spine. Good. Once you get there, raise those arms right up to your ears.

Keep 'em there. Roll the spine down, one vertebrae at a time, and again, raise the arms. Exhale, push weight down into your left foot. Inhale, lift the arms and exhale. Rule the spine down. Arms reach back. One more. Raise the arms, lift your head, roll your spine up and here lift the arms and exhale. Rule the spine, yet arms are back. Placed the right foot down. Stretch, so that's like forward. Inhale, lift the arms. Exhale, draw the belly and ribs. Slide down to your hipbones. Roll it up, roll it up, roll it up, lift the arms and dry your belly in. As you roll down, keep that length in the left leg. And again, we raise the arms.

Lift your head breathing out to row up. Inhale, lift. I have axial roll down through the low back, middle back, upper back, shoulder blades in heads, arms left. Push way down into the right foot. Extend that left leg long. Raise your arms to your ears. Keep them there as you roll down on this last year.

Uh Huh. And please set foot down. Take your ball. We're going to balance that with the swimmer. So turn onto your stomach wherever you are. Okay, from here your forehead is going to go onto the ball.

Your arms reach forward. So legs are about hip distance apart and you're in a slight thoracic extension right here. Take your right arm up and your left leg up and pause there. Feel that links from your fingers to your toes. Lower down and switch. Left arm is opera, right, like reaches long.

Get that length lower down. Keep your forehead on the ball without touching the mat. Let's start to swim. Change two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 more. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Lift everything up. Lower down. Now Hover off of the ball so your forehead is lifted off the ball here and we'll do the same exact thing.

So stretch your right arm up and your left leg up for your that length. That's true Rach. And lengthen fingers to toes. Lower Denim. Switched. Left arm is up, right leg reach as long. Lower them down, keeping hovered off of your mat. Here we go for 20 change and two and three and four. Five, six, seven eight nine 10 and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. However everything and lower down. Good.

Sit back in a rest position for a moment. You said rolling up. Okay. Come back to where you started. We're going to do the seal seal transitions up to standing. I might be afraid to do it up here, so I'll cue you through the, what we're gonna do is take your arm. So let's start with a left arm. Left arm threads through the leg, holds onto the foot, elbow touches the ball and the stomach.

The balls on your belly and the elbow right arm goes through and just see if you can get that connection. So elbows, both of the elbows. Touch the ball. There you go. And it's on your belly. So seal. We'll do about four or so on the very last one. I'll cue you through where you let go of the ball. You push it forward and come to standing. Follow Christie. So Brown, keep your background. We're gonna clap our feet three times. Here we go. One, two, three. Rock, back, clap. One, two, three. Come up. That one, two, three, rock. Back Up. One, two, three, and up. Clap. One, two, three.

Go back up. One, two, three, come up. And one, two, three, go back. One, two, three. Last one, clap here. Now go back, grab the ball, push it up. I'm afraid you come up to standing. Yay. Success. Okay, stay there. I'll stand with you guys. So we're going to come to the back of your maps. You know, place the ball between your ankles. We are finishing with a push ups. So check down at your feet. Toes are straight forward.

They're in line with the heels. Arms are down to your sides. Stand nice and straight and tall. Draw the navel and an up. Lengthen through the crown of the head. Arms. Reach out to the sides. They go all the way up. Exhale, forward, bat and round. Forward. Hands in front of your feet.

We're going to take three hand walks to find your plank position, so cruise it out. There we go. One, two. You're there by three. Just the re push ups to start lower and lift down. Exhale one down. Exhale to down. Exhale three. Now lift your hips and walk in three times one, two. You're there by three and rule your spine up. Good. Okay, we're going to slow it down a little bit. So inhale, raise the arms.

Exhale, rule your spine down. Three walks to plank. One, two, you're there by 30 if you're going to lower and lift the body, three counts down to three. Up to three. Down. Two, three, two, three. Down to three. Up to, sorry, lift your hips. Walk it in for one, two, three. Rule your spine out.

Inhale, raise arms. We slow it down even more. Exhale, roll down. Walk it out in three walks. One, two, three. So we lower three [inaudible] the whole three and then left. Three down to three. Em, stay. Two, three. MPRs. Two. Three. Down to three. 3M. Stay. Two, three in. Press two, three down, two, three and stay two, three and press two to 30 lift your hips. Walk it in. One, two, three. Stay here. Don't roll up. Bend your knees. Shake out your head. Relaxing your neck, relaxing your shoulders.

Now keep your knees bent. Draw your belly in. Push weight down into your feet and start to roll up. ABS are engaged. Pelvis slides under you. Push down to your feet. Good. Standing up nice and straight and tall. Shoulders are back.

Take an inhale and now as you press your arms down, visualize that length. Press down to get even taller. And we are done. Yay.


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Melissa, I think this is the second class I have taken from you. I took your reformer class which was really good. I thought your cueing was very clear and the pace was nice. Good class, keep them coming.
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Wow, this stuff is addictive. thanks! Beautifully taught.
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I liked it alot!!
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Loved it! Really great work out for the core...I felt it!
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I love the small ball and been looking forward to more PA lessons using it! You really made me enjoy my workout today, I am going to try to do this class 2x a week. Thanks so much, the pace and transitions excellent.
Glad you are enjoying the workout! I do love using the small ball as a prop!!!
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Wow! My new favorite class! Thank you!
Yeahhhh!!!! Your favorite class Patti! Thank you so much!!!
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Really loved this class. Great pace and transitions. Thanks
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Such a wonderful class, my favorite. My core is feeling it and loving it. Wonderful cueing. Thank you.
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