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10 min - Exercise


Muscle Focus: Legs.

Objective: Aligning the body and strengthening the legs.

Reformer Setup: Start with three to four springs depending on the amount of resistance desired. The footbar is up and the headrest is up.

Start Position: Lie supine on the carriage with the head on the headrest, maintaining a neutral pelvis and spine. Place the balls of both feet onto the footbar, with about an inch of space between the feet, legs parallel, and heels lifted about four inches away from the bar.

Movement: Press the carriage out until both legs are straight. Heels remain lifted in the same position as the start position. Find an external wrap of the thigh muscles while keeping the legs parallel. Lower the right heel underneath the footbar as the left knee bends. Press through both feet to lift both heels, bringing both legs straight. Lower the left heel underneath the footbar as the right knee bends. Press through both feet to bring both legs straight. Repeat nine more times, bend both knees, and bring the carriage back in.

Precautions: Avoid hyperextension of the legs by finding control of the movement from the backs of the legs and the wrap of the thighs. Focus on ensuring that the alignment of the knees and ankles are not compromised by rolling out or in with the ankles and knees, and that the hips are not swinging side to side.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Feb 17, 2015
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Okay, Christie, we're going to go over running on the reformer. So this is a complete tutorial, a complete like I've never done running before. What is it good for? What are my goals, ...

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Hi Monica, as always - your tutorials are wonderful and great to lear from! I would like to ask though, - because you mentioned those cases in the beginning-, what about the bow-legged people? Do I ask them to keep their kneecaps pointing towards the ceiling, or over the second toe? Or only all toes involved? Thank you!
Hi and thank you for the tutorial. Can you please comment on the slight turnout on this exercise and tendon stretch?
Hi, i too would like to get an answer to these 2 questions above :) Thanks in advance !
Beautiful cueing!

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