Lengthening Mat
Amy Havens
Class 3450

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Good use of the thera band during class! Shoulders and upper back are very happy after this class. Highly recommend this particular class to anyone who needs to wake up different parts of the hips, lower and upper back, and shoulders.
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Just what I needed today! I’m traveling and this really helped my tight hips!! Thank you:)
Thank you all so much, this feedback is so encouraging!
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The most enjoyable class for me so far, thank you!
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Fabulous class with some great variations. Look forward to adding your fresh ideas to my group this morning. Thank you Amy.
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Excelente clase! Gracias Amy
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Again great sense of body motion and movement. I love your delivery many thanks
Ivana , Kate , Diana S and Louise -- thank you gals! Makes me so happy to read your comments!!
Great class Amy, thanks. Sarah
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