Shoulder Biomechanics
Karen Clippinger
Workshop 3544

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I am 84 where do I start
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John ~ If you are new to Pilates, I recommend starting with our program called The Starter Series as it will help you build a foundation with your practice. You may also enjoy our Active Aging Program as it has classes that may be beneficial for you! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at
Hello; I notice that this workshop suggest a reformer is necessary. Would the workshop still be of use if I currently teach mat classes only? I also have a class for older adults which attracted me to it...
Many thanks (and a Happy New Year)!

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Sarah Edwards at Positive Pilates Solihull ~ Karen does show a few examples of exercises on the Reformer, but the concepts can definitely be applied to the Mat. She doesn't use the Reformer the entire time so you would still get a lot of valuable information. I hope you enjoy it!
Dear teacher , Thank you for your wonderful class .
This class for myself to say have myriad benefit .
May I ask you to tell to add subtitles to this video?
Thank you so much .
Bruce ~ You can find all of our classes with captions here. I hope this helps!
I very much enjoyed this workshop.  Even after years of teaching Pilates, I felt this organized my shoulder knowledge much better than it was.  Thank you, Karen, for always being such an edifying teacher!  I have one question if you are still monitoring this workshop.  If I am abducted, laterally rotated, and extended at the shoulder (as when reaching through the front seats to the back seat of a car) and load that (as when picking up a 5 lb package off the back seat), would pain in the front of the shoulder at the anterior deltoid probably because that muscle needs to be strenghened more?  Or, is this just a generally poor position to have your shoulder in when you load it?  And how does loading in this position differ from stretching in that position (I.e., holding 2 door frames and leaning forward )?
How can I get the notes?
Hi Josephine, The notes are in a PDF link underneath the workshop description. If you are still having trouble locating it, please email us at 
Hello, once I purchase this workshop, do I have a permanent  access to it or is it only once off and I need to watch in one go? Thank you. 
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