Foam Roller Stabilization<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 675

Foam Roller Stabilization
Niedra Gabriel
Class 675

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Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Joanna, our hip flexors always need some extensions in this modern world. We all sit too much. Glad you enjoyed it.
Jean A
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thank you! I forgot how much I loved Pilates, this class was really helpful for such a short one!
Rajashree Srirangarajan
When you say, "stomach is up and sacrum down",  is there an arch?
Niedra Gabriel
Rajashree you want to go for as much as an elongated spine as possible. which may mean flat back for some people, our spines are designed to move in many ways including flattening out .
Bethany K
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I am recovering from a lumbar radiculopathy caused by 40+ years of compensating for two never-rehabilitated ankle sprains. I’m not ready to do this with the foam roller but found it quite helpful without it. I favorited this video so I can keep working at these basics skills with the goal of improving enough to use the roller. Thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
Bethany K good for you that you are modifying.  That is the correct way to workout. I am thrilled you find this helpful and am especially delighted as this lesson was video'd about 10 years ago!   the workout lasted the test of time. I hope your recovery is swift and helpful.  
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