Shoulder and Chest Opener<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Tutorial 855

Shoulder and Chest Opener
Niedra Gabriel
Tutorial 855

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I am always looking for additional exercises to open the chest and strengthen the back muscles for clients. These will be very helpful. Thanks Niedra!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Pat, I will keep this in mind next time I film for Pilates anytime
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Hi Niedra, I really enjoy your teaching. Thank you. Do you have any ideas for helping someone (from afar! ie through zoom) to start to feel and move the muscles between the shoulder blades? We have been using a resistance band but my client is finding it hard to move in that area. Might you have any other way of giving feedback? Thanks so much 
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Charlotte F Thank you for your comment.  Yes, I have many ideas for your client, and yes, I am now teaching mostly on zoom so this is definitely an option. best to discuss how this can work and if I can help via my email
I love that you are such a committed teacher and really want to help your students. 
love this thank you
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