Strengthen and Stretch<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1020

Strengthen and Stretch
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1020

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Great class Niedra Gabriel creative fun and challenging. I am a little jealous that you make all those somersaults look so easy. I did the one off the back to the right and that's it. I attempted the back one into the well and decided it was a bad idea. Haha. Thank you :)
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Heather - no they are not " easy" they are a trick and you probably need a teacher to spot you a few times till you figure it all out - the trick is really to use your arms and hands to propel uyor body through the move.
Hope this helps.
Enjoy _ love the you are laughing !
I'm a little bit late to the class Neidra, but it was just what my body was looking for today. Made me realise I haven't been doing enough advanced work in my daily practice! Loved the fitness circle cues and the prep for tendon stretch (my least favourite exercise!). Thank-you for a great class!
Niedra Gabriel
So glad you enjoyed this class Genevieve, and I am smiling that you were late...
Yes, we all need some advanced work at times, just to aside the bar and challenge what is there to be challenged. Much success to you.
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Thank you Niedra- you get SO MUCH WORK done in an hour and it was never rushed or felt frantic -obviously it comes from knowing the work and knowing yourself. Really lovely and joyous to watch. Loved the reverse horse back. Thanks again
Niedra Gabriel
Patti S thanky ou so much for your comment. Glad you enjoyed this workout.  
Robin S
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such a fun and challenging workout!!
Niedra Gabriel
Robin S glad you enjoyed this workout .
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