Prenatal Mat Series #4
Leah Stewart
Class 1240

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love love loved this class!! Felt so good, and channelled my ballet days, which I so loved! Would love more pregnancy friendly mat classes.. Trying to do as much pilates a week as my toddler allows.. more would be awesome! Thanks for your classes xx
This is such a fantastic class. I can envision myself starting every day of my third trimester with this since it really loosens up everything. Thanks, Leah!
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Just back to Pilates after a few weeks off and struggling this past week with balancing my second pregnancy and a toddler...this is exactly what I needed thank you! Any way you would video more pre natal classes? I love both your prenatal series for mat but would love some more too!
I did this, and Leah's other prenatal classes a lot when I was pregnant, and that was what kept me going through nine months of nausea, pelvic pain and low energy. This, and the post natal classes, made me the fastes recovery of my three pregnancies. Thank you Leah! One and a halv years since my youngest was born, I still keep coming back to the arm sequense in the middle of this class (about 17 minutes). Short, simple, and extremely effective - works endurance and keep headaches and shoulder pains away!
I am so incredibly honored by your comment, and so happy that Pilates helped you through your pregnancy and healthy and positive recovery period. Thank you for taking the time to comment, and I love that you can still use the arm sequence I taught in this class, it's a really nice one for everybody
Awesome class, a beautiful sequence of movement leaving you feel relaxed and in tune with your body! Have been doing a class a day for a week now and have changed from feeling unfit and pregnant to feeling like a goddess, feeling good about my pregnant body! Thank you - it is so important to connect to your changing body and what better way is there then through movement!
great clas!! thank you!!!
Love this! I'm 19 weeks and the arm and back stretching is perfect! Thank you so much!
Really good class, my neck and shoulders feel so much more open and light. Thank you
I'm almost 36 weeks pregnant and starting to feel crampy and more tired, so this standing work-out was a nice surprise for me to see that my body still has strength and energy. The standing exercises, especially those focused on the pelvis and torso, relaxed my body while also making me see how much movement I still have. I like how challenging the arm exercises were, too -- I had to pause periodically, but I love knowing my muscles will be ready when the baby gets here. After this workout, I felt like I finally woke up today! Thank you!
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