Thoracic Spine Mobility
Alan Herdman
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Wow, so simple and so helpful. I felt a difference after one time through.
More please!!
Lovely work !! ALAN :)
Thank you Alan - Great idea to isolate the thoracic spine in side flexion and I find tactile cueing so valuable. I too would like to see more from Alan - font of knowledge!
Just started teaching a 62 year old male with little ROM in his thoracic and cervical spine. It will take a while so I am gently coaxing this area. This is very helpful Alan, thank you. I'm going to watch it again!
Alan, thank you for this tutorial. I have a question regarding the facing of the palms out. This places the humerus in internal rotation. Is this a strategy to filter out the retractors/adductors of the scapula to emphasize the spinal extensors avoiding compensation from mid traps and rhomboids when the thoracic extensors are weak? Thank you.
Great tips! Especially loved the last exercise! Thanks Alan
Very informative. Particularly loved the specific placement of the hands. Thank you.
Awesome tutorial! Those exercises work wonders and cant wait to impliment them with some of my clients.
Lovely facilitation especially with the side flexion. My thoracic spine is happier already. Thank you!
Great video. Really appreciated the simplicity of the exercises and the detailed explanations for each exercise
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