Powerhouse Cadillac
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3551

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Love this classs, thanks Niedra.  Greetings from Costa Rica
Greetings right back. I will be hosting a retreat in your beautiful country in May.  and teaching at Equilibria May 3-4, in case you wanted to say a live hello.

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Thanks Niedra, It will be nice to see you again.  
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Great class!
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Great to have a workout that is easy to modify for different levels. I learned a lot from you Nedra. Thank you for your valuable lessons!
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Amazing workout and cues! Niedra is always so insightful with great energy! Thank you! 
Mae O Glad you enjoyed the session, 
I really loved this session! Thank you.
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Niedra, the sheer volume of work accomplished in 35 minutes is astounding! You are an amazing teacher. Thank you!
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