Functional Reformer 2
Tom McCook
Class 3630

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Nice fluid class. Love the saw variation on the reformer. I'll be using that with my clients!
Love how Tom brought in the awareness of the clavicle. A missing link in great shoulder girdle function. Thank you! Xoxo
Thank you Leslie! Appreciate your feedback and acknowledging  this important piece to healthy movement! Sending you my best!!
I was very sore today, this class is perfect, thank you!
Slow & steady wins the race....fantastic!   Fantastic breakdown of  shortspine. Loved loved loved the seated saw!!!  Thank you!
Thank you! Really good explanations and tempo. Helped me to activate my problem muscles without too much tension. 
What a great class! I could do and will do this class over and over again!!! The cues are brilliant and the saw and chest extension a revelation!
Thank you very very much Tom McCook!!!
Thank you Barbara! Very happy to be of service! Thank you Annamari, Jennifer and Denee for your feedback. Sending you all my best!!
Wow! I feel great after that. Thank you!
Thank you Christine! Happy to hear you're feeling the intent and benefits of the class!! Warm regards
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