Healthy Neck and Spine
Tom McCook
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Thank you Tom.
Inspirational as always.
Love how simple, clear, efficient and practical this is....I have been experiencing more tightness/weakness in my cervical and thoracic spine, I will do this daily.  Thank you, Tom.
Thank you Julia, Debra, Aileen and Anna! I really appreciate you feedback and am happy to hear you're using this tutorial. the neck and thoracic area are chronic problems areas in the world today. Let's keep teaching each other to be skillful over willful!! Warm regards
ive had chronic neck shoulder pain stiffness & this helped so much - thank you - will try daily.
Dear Grace, I'm happy to hear you're feeling better after practicing the tutorial. Take your time and remember quality of quantity strongly applies to the neck and shoulders. Be well and all the best
Thanks Tom. Great as usual. I’ve been a student of yours for 20 years now....thank you fir staying in the game. 💜
Thank you so very helpful!
Thank you so much. I have a pinched nerve whilst in lockdown in London and this is helping !! Big thanks ☺️
Wonderful, - thank you Tom! I love how you bring the Franklin- Method into PA! At the end I was wondering - what about rotation of the neck? How would you integrate it?
Thank you all for your wonderful feedback. Silke, great question, I recommend putting your fingers a 1/2 in lower than the mastoid process to identify where rotation happens at C@. Move slowly and smoothly as you rotate the head. All the best!
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