Strengthening Wunda Chair
Amy Havens
Class 4445

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Thank you Amy for some fun variations!!! SO SO helpful xoxo
Talia A Christine S Donna M Lu C Lori LAALE  Thank you all so much and happy to hear you're getting some good things from this series!!
Celeste E Erin W Carla R Elizabeth D Thank you all for being here and happy to hear you're enjoying this series and seeing how I look at similar elements, progressing and clarifying the details.
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I love your teaching, Amy! I also really look forward to any more classes you do with the chair in the future. 
Thank you so much Jacquie W !!
lovely class thank you!
Thanks Amy, I have watched these classes many times.  Such nice progressions.  Feels wonderful in the body in a nice 30 min class!
Thank you Colleen Tomlinson and Jackie H  -- I'm happy to hear that you enjoy the progressions in these short classes.  They are only some ideas in terms of progressions!  
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