Straightforward Reformer
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 4662

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Great workout Diane!! Always love hearing your voice while taking a class. Takes me back to Irvine with you. 💞💞
Great class!!!!
the best!
Great class, suggestion to show “you don’t want to that”, show what that looks like.
Great reformer workout, covering many basics with nice flow. Thankyou
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Loving this whole series; feels like we are getting continuing education snippets. Always such an honor to receive from someone like you, Diane. Many thanks for continuing to teach us. 
I love that you always keep a consistent tempo throughout the repetitions in the different exercises. It is very clear which movements should be quicker than others.
Bravo 👏! Very nice! Always love the Ron Fletcher, Diane style and the flow! A real spine lengthener. More videos from Diane, please! Diane, I wish you’re studio was near me!
Just what I needed today! Thank you!
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