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Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4907

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Hi Sakiko.s , Love love love hearing from you.  And I am so very happy that you enjoyed this class.  I sure hope to see you in person again (at some point)!!  For now, I am grateful to connect through PA. xoxo 
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Felt so light and open esp with COVID perfect workout x
Hi Linda H, so pleased to hear you enjoyed this class.  Thanks for playing and take good care of yourself!!

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Great class, love the cueing on the springs! Thank you!
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Not sure how these classes are rated. This felt like a level 1 to me
Thank you Jennifer H !
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This is a great class! I've had a hard time finding classes that are intermediate, but basic and this is JUST what I am looking for. As a trauma therapist, I feel you are very trauma-informed in your language which I really appreciate!
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Very enjoyable class
I loved this workout. I am adding it to my favorites. It was exactly what I needed today. Just the right amount of challenge combined with stretch. Sarah’s cuing is excellent. Thank you!
Thank you Andrea B !!
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