CSI for Your SI Joint<br>Michael F and Ton V<br>Class 5491

CSI for Your SI Joint
Michael F and Ton V
Class 5491

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Thank you, so many useful exercises taught beautifully !
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Love it!
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Your classes are fun, informative and awesome!!
Figure 4 stretch is a challenge for me, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate the gentle and engaging piriformis stretch you showed.  Thank you, now I have something I can do!
Mary K
Awesome class!!!!
I am now your number #1 Fan!!
Left hip replacement 2 years ago and this workout felt amazing.
The figure 4 stretch was very  challenging. Question... when I cross the leg over I cannot put my foot on the floor.  Should I place a prop so that I can touch down, or should I rotate enough to be able to put the foot down?
Abeer  A
Thank you for this flow! i just wish you explained more which exercises emphasized stability and which for mobility of SIJ. 
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