Mat Fundamentals<br>Zayna Gold<br>Class 591

Mat Fundamentals
Zayna Gold
Class 591

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I loved it! Although the pace was slower at times, it was then that I felt the deepest work. And worked up a sweat!
Thx! I think you would also like #795. Very deep core work by releasing the low back and hips. It includes mat one and two exercises- Check it out and let me know how you like it!
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Thank you Zayna! I have not done this video for a few months and decided today that I needed to fine tune the Mat 1 exercises! I got a great workout and it was a fantastic reminder of the basics. What a valuable video this is for anyone who loves Pilates and particularly those of us who are studying Balanced Body.
I do your classes when i'm in bad mood
And i feel sooooooo much better AFTER i have done the workout i ment to say
As a new pilates mat teacher, this was so helpful! I loved how you followed the mat 1 book fairly close! :)
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Hi Zayna,
I have had this class in my Queue forever and finally decided to do it. So glad I did! Your cues were right on....really felt my abs. Wish I could have been there to see those dolphins. I have been to the PA studio, it is such an awesome space!

p.s. I am still teaching your Barre classes and loving them and what they are doing for my legs! Thank you Zayna!!
Hi Connie,
So glad you enjoyed the cues for increasing abdominal intensity. I agree the PA studio is incredible and the dolphins was an experience I will never forget! Keep up the good work. Zayna
This class was fabulous - definitely one I will revisit! The imagery for core connection was spot on! My abs are feeling it! My bum too!
Thank you!
fantastic cueing!! i feel two inches taller! love this workout!
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