Activate your Internal Core<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 1007

Activate your Internal Core
Madeline Black
Class 1007

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Where can I buy a moon box?
Thank you Madeline for sharing your brilliance with us!
Especially loved the short spine work, I realized what I had been missing due to rushing the movement along instead of savoring the feeling. Thank you!
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Jodie~ I believe we purchased our Moon Boxes from Balanced Body. Click here to go see them on their site. You can call them to order custom colours, otherwise the one you order online would come in black. Hope that helps!
Thanks Hannah will call them.
Very nice class! Thank you!
Great class. I love the verbal and tactle cuing. I've taken workshops with Madeline and she's great. It's so nice to see her teach a client a whole session without stopping. thanks!
also nice variations that are very usable!
I love Madeline's classes. Such simple but effective cueing and great variations of exercises. I look forward to trying this in my studio tomorrow and to taking part in some of Madeline's workshops in 2 weeks in London.
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lovely teacher and equally lovely student. really nice to watch.
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