Activate your Internal Core<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 1007

Activate your Internal Core
Madeline Black
Class 1007

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Beautiful ~ A wonderful beginning to April !!
Thank You Madeline :)
loved the deep connections I felt all through the work.
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Nice class. Like the mixture of simple to advanced exercises and the variations of standard exercises. Great ideas for building the exercises for clients who may not be ready for the full exercise just yet.
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Madeline, always such clear simple cues that allow one to find deeper connection with the body. Everything makes so much sense when you say it! Thank you so much for coming to PA!! You are fabulous.
Love the attention to alignment.
very nice class
great class! love the attention to anatomy & movement....
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I always absolutely LOVE Madeline's classes! thank you both.
Praveena C
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Love the attention to alignment and form. Madeline cueing is simple and effective. Going into my faves for sure.
Love the focus on the fascia. Wonderful class!
Sarah N
Loved this class! Thanks Madeline!
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