Identifying your Habits
Brett Howard
Class 1009

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This is the first class of Brett's I've done, and I must say he is truly a master at getting to the heart of Pilates work and being able to articulate it so lucidly. I really am inspired to improve my own work and the understanding of my students regarding centering and how it enables and enhances all the exercises. Simply wonderful! Thank you, Brett!
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Just finished this class in my hotel room. What a great way to get centered after a long flight! Excellent class.
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Beautiful class. Teaching some of those pelvic stabilizers today! Exactly where my brain has been lately! STABILITY and CONTROL!!!
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I already had sore abs and I had to stop your class after 30 mins for a rest!
Simply brilliant. Many thanks.
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Really great variations for each exercise to see if you are balanced in each movement.
Such an informative class! I love it and you Brett!
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Great class. Great ideas for checking yourself. Thank you!
Thank you for keeping the class moving so nicely. Great exacting work. I love your classes.
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Channeling your genius this week in my group sessions. Calling it "lost & found - your center... Props - your hands". Thank you thank you thank you
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