Identifying your Habits
Brett Howard
Class 1009

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Love this - some great ideas for classes. What is the reasoning behind elbow pits facing inwardly? (start of class)
Great class really enjoyed !
Absolutely amazing! Thank you!
Wow! What a fantastic class! Thank you =) I feel like I've awoken new neural pathways with controlled movement - now to practice! Practice! Practice!
Wow amazing ,fluidity and so much teaching skills very inspire
I'm off to sleep now - so relax
Excellent class Brett. I really like your cue re hands underneath of hips -- brilliant, in particular, for people who are kinaesthetic learners.
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Who cares that I thought I was taking a "ball class? I got sooo much more!
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I love the precise teaching. More Brett Please!
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Love your classes Brett! Really enjoyed the focus on centering and weight distribution. Thank you so much!
This is a great class to use to prepare for another Brett class - #699.
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