Identifying your Habits<br>Brett Howard<br>Class 1009

Identifying your Habits
Brett Howard
Class 1009

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I just watched this the other night and quickly realised that this focus would change the way I teach mat forever!. I just DID the workout alog with the video and was SS focussed and centred! Cannot wait to impart this depth to my clients
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Oh so THAT is how you "zip up the abs"! Brett does a great job keeping you focused on balance in this class and by proxy, my tummy was tucked higher up and in than ever before! I seriously don't think I have ever done the single leg circle properly until today. Thanks, Brett!
Great class! I just taken it then i ll propose it to my clients to help them find their balance!
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What an amazing class!! Best ever for me. For sure will stay around for your classes!
Thank you Brett, I feel so good now. Looking forward to your new programm! Hope to see you in Austria again!
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this was such an informative class which taught me so much about my own body alignment. Thank you so much Brett! Your classes on PA are a teasure!
Brett is an amazing teacher, always bringing our attention to important details often missed. These seemingly small "tricks" are big steps in the learning process, accelerating our understanding of the work. I hope he will be back with more mat classes on PA very soon. Thank you
What a great class... The way you teach is absolutely amazing..
And the class is so challenging I have to practice more 😁
Hannah W
Hi Brett, is this class suitable if you’re 5.5 months postpartum? I did Leah Stewart’s prenatal and postnatal Pilates classes, which I loved, but I’d like to push myself a bit harder now. Thanks. 
I had this as a recommended class and decided to do it –– I was not expecting such a challenge -- but in a good way!! It was an excellent reminder of some of the principles and basics of pilates (and I was getting in a hard workout too!).
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