Romana's Advanced Mat<br>Brett Howard<br>Class 1010

Romana's Advanced Mat
Brett Howard
Class 1010

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Teaser 5 - love it : )
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Tight seat, loose feet!! Great class, Brett!!
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Very challenging and lots of fun! The time flew! I could really see my body imbalances if I lost the correct form.
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I love love love this class! I feel wonderful. I need to keep this one for my regular practice. Thank you!
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All the classes Ive taken I have yet to comment. But WOW Brett is just the most amazing instructor. I almost never looked at the screen, his cues are so on point. He is super advanced and just so eloquent in his instruction. LOVE LOVE this class.
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fabulous class Brett! took me back to the day........ reminded me of some things i had forgotten! thank you!
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Oh! Brett! I didn't look at my watch once ;))))
very good class. This is the type of class we need here
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Brett can you ever come to Miami, Florida? I would
LOVE to take a class with you actually in the room. That would be awesome.
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Cool transition to saw.
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