Fascia-Oriented Training<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 1014

Fascia-Oriented Training
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 1014

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A world of knowledge., as always.
Love all the subtle references from Feldenkrais, Eric Franklin and more , Thank you .
Thank you Elizabeth! I felt so good after this workout! I love your creativity with the equipment.
Just what I needed! Thank you
I can't tell you how excited I was to see an Allegro 2 in this video! I've been seeking more training for variations with this new foot bar!
Very interesting variations. thank you.
Thank you Elizabeth! An absolute delight!
Very comfortable in my spine after class and very supportive hips!
Thank you so much Elizabeth!
Ronda P
So wonderful to see my favorite material live and available to our community.
Lisa L
I just watched this on my couch.... absolutely itching to do it on my Allegro II when I get to my studio on Monday!
Great work again Elizabeth!
xxx Marie- Josee from Qc Canada
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