Fascia-Oriented Training<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 1014

Fascia-Oriented Training
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 1014

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It is a joy to experience your eloquent teaching methodology. I especially enjoy your creative movement on the Allegro 2. Thank you for sharing your amazing teaching style and vast experience.
Fabulous. This is my "to-go" workout for weekends. Love spending the time with you Elizabeth!!!! thank you
This was a great class! I loved the jumping with the arms. I also have an Allegro 2 Reformer, I have a question regarding the springs, is there a difference between using one red spring on the high gear and using a red and a yellow on the low one? I can feel the red and the yellow are a little heavier, so another questionI have is how much tension does the high gear add to one spring (let's say red) Thanks for your answer!
Jennifer, so glad you enjoyed this class. Since I didn't know the accurate response to your question, I asked Chris Savarino, Director of Engineering at Balanced Body. Here is the spring information from Chris: "A normally sprung yellow and a red will be approximately 33% stronger than one preloaded red. So for example at 20 inches of extension a preloaded red spring will give you 30 pounds and a low gear red and yellow will give you 40.
Preloading a yellow adds .7 pounds
Preloading a blue adds 1.07 pounds
Preloading a red adds 1.66 pounds
Preloading a green adds 2.08 pounds
There are tolerances with all of these numbers so what you feel will never be exactly these numbers but it will be close." So there you have it, Jennifer. I'm so glad you asked. Now I know also!
Very good answer thanks so much for researching this information. Also, thanks for your classes, I always learn a lot!
Delightful during and comfortable afterwards describe this video well. Many thanks
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It is fine to repeat this class. Thank you for your perfectionism, Elizabeth.
I hope I will meet you again in Germany...
Judith R
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Wow...thank you
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I am 61 years old and have noticed many of the things that I used to be able to do are getting more difficult. I just love your class. It took me through the experience in a way that really worked and opened up my fascia. Thank you.
Good to hear MJ that you enjoyed these sequences! Thank you for your post. I am familiar with movements becoming more difficult as connective tissue/collagen changes over time. All the more reason to finesse sequences and refine practice to cultivate glide and strength.
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