Fascia-Oriented Training<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 1014

Fascia-Oriented Training
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 1014

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I' m hesitating between the purchase of the BB Allegro 2 or the classical wooden reformer... Can anybody help me... Thanks
Laurence, I have the original Allegro which I love and had a chance to use the Allegro 2 at Pilates on Tour Atlanta. I love the Allegro 2! It is so easy to adjust, is quiet ( there are no metal clips on the ropes) and there are so many exercises. I highly recommend the Allegro 2
Very thorough! I will do this one many times I'm sure!
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Fabulous inventive & informative workout - you are one intelligent & inspiring woman I hope to one day meet.
Thank-you for sharing this!
Danni - from Australia
Thank you Elizabeth. The jumping variations were a lovely addition to my stale supine options. My spine is twisty and happy. The creativity is endless :)
Pamela Turner- Steamboat Springs, CO
Elizabeth, you are, and always have been my far-away mentor. Thank you.
Balanced Body, Maybe it would be good to let people know about the restrictions for the videos. I often start a video only to find I do not have the needed equipment. I am disappointed that I just purchased an Allegro 1 and cannot use it in many videos that are list reformer as the apparatus.
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Soolbeat ~ I am sorry you felt you didn't have the equipment needed. We usually use Balanced Body Studio Reformers or Gratz Reformers in our classes. This class used both Studio Reformers and an Allegro 2 that Balanced Body let us use for Elizabeth's class. There shouldn't be a big difference between your Reformer and the ones used in this class. Adjustments can always be made when needed. If you are having trouble figuring out what adjustments you need to make, I recommend finding a teacher who can show you how you can do our classes on your Reformer.
Soolbeat, I am so sorry that you found it difficult to practice the class on your Allegro 1. I love that reformer and assure you that you made the right purchase. I am happy to answer your specific questions outside of this forum. Please let me know how to contact you. All good wishes, Elizabeth
Hi Elizabeth; thank you for taking the time - can I do this workout with modifications for the low reformer? (I also have the box, but when the box is beside the reformer, it is higher than the reformer). Now that I write this, I am pretty sure you are going to say to sit on the floor beside the reformer (instead of on the box). Is that right?
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