Upper Body Release<br>Alan Herdman<br>Class 1049

Upper Body Release
Alan Herdman
Class 1049

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Beautiful detailed work for the upper body.Thankyou
That is amazing! So thoughtful and precise. Thank you. Julie
Great warm-up for upper body. Very detailed, precise and thoughtful. My first Pilates teacher studied with Alan around 1985 in England.Thank you !
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Simple calm therapeutic and really realeses the muscles. Many thanks Mr Herdman.
Love this! I'm going to try it every day after working at the computer.
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Amazing! Beauty, grace, wisdom, efficiency. Thank you for sharing.
Oh yes! This will be a nice addition to my consultations with pregnant women too.
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Wonderful class. Especially to do whilst pregnant! Thank you.
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So precise , very good !
Wonderful! Thank you!
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