Upper Body Release<br>Alan Herdman<br>Class 1049

Upper Body Release
Alan Herdman
Class 1049

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Thank you for sharing your knowledge
Less is more...will definitely be adding this to some of my classes..will also try adopt the very calming delivery. Thanks Alan.
beautiful class. Very informative and enjoable
Excellent class. Feel more open.
Brete M
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Thank you Pilates Anytime and Alan Herdman. I'm planning to adapt many of these exercises for a client with scoliosis to do at home in his wheelchair.
Very precise and deep! Great idea for homework for all of my clients!
Ted Johnson
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Did this after a long day of travelling. Really a perfect class for when you're on the road as it doesn't take much space and all you need is an ordinary chair. Felt great right after and was surprised to still be feeling the effects the next morning.
My pregnant ladies loves this routine!
Alan Herdman, I love this...thank you for such a graciously calm guidance....
Rina S
I have taken this class - I don't know how many times. I wake up very tight in my upper body because of fibromyalgia. This helps me get through the day. I'm sure it also helps me maintain strength and mobility. Thanks so much.
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