BASI Mat Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 1054

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lovely, as always, dear meredith, thank you for inspiring me so much for my own class tonight, always providing a new clue for making the exercises clearer to the students and refreshing the flows by new variations. awesome!
Great ab workout! Thanks you" But not for those with any neck issues
Thank you Anderson family and Heike for taking class with me and taking time to leave feedback. I always appreciate hearing from you!
i enjoyed parts of this...but too much work for my back. like the side lying series though!
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Bellissima classe!!! As always
I love to feel myself so well after all your classes
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I really enjou your classese Meredith and so inspiring and beautifully presented with ease.
Meredith, beautiful flowing mat class and precise cueing!
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Love all your classes, Meredith! awesome, thanks
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Great class and ab workout!! I really enjoyed this class! Thanks
Thank you everyone for taking class with me and taking time to share your feedback. I appreciate you!
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