Matapalooza Magic Circle<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1065

Matapalooza Magic Circle
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1065

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I adore you niedra. You always make me smile when I do your classes. Thanks for making it a great day!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Kristen, we have a similar background with Power Pilates. Love that you have a private studio, all for you, in your house, and good luck with your work as a nutritional coach - much needed in our world today.
Thanks Niedra, I really enjoy all your classes and there is always such warmth in your teaching. 10/10 for this magic circle one- my legs are longer and power house more awake in just 20 minutes.
Niedra Gabriel
thank you caroline. I know we met in the UK - so it is a delight to also enjoy each other here. power to you!
Loved this effective class with the Magic Circle and power house work with great thigh and leg work! Thank you Niedra
Karen M
Thank you great class.
Lovely sweet series of excercises, thank you!
This is a really good short and effective magic circle class; thank you Niedra for this fun class
Couldn't get past 7 minutes, can't the teacher just teach a class without desperately trying to be funny? Goodness
Mire ~ Thank you for your feedback. This class was meant to be part of a fun event where a group of our local teachers practiced together. Niedra has other classes that are more straightforward if that is what you prefer. If you need any class suggestions, please email us at and we'd be happy to help you.
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