Matapalooza Traditional Flow<br>Adrianne Crawford<br>Class 1067

Matapalooza Traditional Flow
Adrianne Crawford
Class 1067

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Wonderful express class. There is always time for Pilates.
Thanks MC!
This was excellent! Wow...I can do this when I only have 20 mins in the day and feel I covered all my bases! HIgh energy, fast pace and on with my day! Thank you, Adrianne!
I just took this great class again today. I combine it w/a 1/2 hr cardio barre DVD and, sometimes, a 15 min power yoga DVD. What a GREAT way to cover all my bases!
Was a nice pace to the flow. Not a single inversion/roll over though...
Dawn what a combo! Great to hear you were motivated to do more. The idea is to start your day with your mat class, then you should feel warm, limber, strong and ready to take on the day. Sounds like you did! Thanks!
Allison, this was strictly an intermediate workout and kept to the order of Roman's Pilates training. The roll overs are considered advanced moves. Fantastic you are ready for those! The level you would want to look for is 2/3 or 3. Thanks for watching!
Love the fast pace of it!
I liked the coreographic vibe. I hope one day I'll actually memorize it.
Thank you! This routine can really get you going and helps clear the mind and gets you back on track.
Fantastic class, really enjoyed it! Thank you!
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