Matapalooza Traditional Flow<br>Adrianne Crawford<br>Class 1067

Matapalooza Traditional Flow
Adrianne Crawford
Class 1067

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A great way to help me memorize the order
This is a great way to learn the order, not only that it is fun! glad you enjoyed!
This is such a good way to memorise the order. My class love the fact that they have to stay so focussed- its a great challenge for mind and body and always brings smiles to their faces.Thanks Adrianne.
It does bring a smile to your face when you challenge yourself to remember this routine, and keep up with the pace. Always good to have fun when your moving! Happy you and your class enjoyed this:)
I'm late to the party but that was FUN! And I love starting my Sunday with a routine to make me smile. Thank you, Adrianne Crawford!
I loved it; this is a really good way focusing on the exercises and flow...thank youu
I love it. Nice workout
Too fast to even keep up with!
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