Matapalooza Traditional Flow<br>Adrianne Crawford<br>Class 1067

Matapalooza Traditional Flow
Adrianne Crawford
Class 1067

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Was very tight today and didnt feel like doing anything, so having it structured this way actually made it easier for me, like a spoon plane to feed a fussy child.
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This is what I call non-stop and Express Pilates.
I actually got my heart rate up. Loved this!
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whew! glad I didn't shower yet today! fun, challenging, got my heart rate up!
This was a fun class and quickly gets the body moving - glad you all enjoyed it, thanks!
This is GREAT for a quick workout on the go! Thanks again for a great session :)
So glad you enjoyed it, this was a super fun routine when Master teacher Romana gave it to us, so I'm happy to hear you liked it too!
Fantastic to get the heart beat up tone the body, and memorize the movements!
Love this class - great flow, and really forces you to breathe properly! Thanks :)
Romana had us do this over and over again, along with all the other work. She stressed knowing the exercises as it developed an understanding in the body as well as the mind. Thanks for taking!
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