Strength-Building Flow<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 1071

Strength-Building Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 1071

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Great work Meredith! absolutely wonderful.. funny how you say you need to practice more lunges on the chair.. the prone 2 on the cadi killed me! As you say, none of us are perfect! But loved every second of this workout! Keep them comin'.....x
Thanks is true that we all have our strengths AND weaknesses :)
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Great class! I love your cueing, Meredith!... Thank You!
Thank YOU Avishag. :)
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Loved this one!! Thank you Meredith!
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Love this class! Your cues are always so right to the point, just by watching and listening I can feel it in my body! Thank-you so much!!
That is such a compliment, Tasha.
Thank YOU!
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Thank you Meredith-loved the standing chest expansion with the heel lift-feels like you're flying. So simple yet creates such a powerful connection thru the body
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As always, wonderful class. Thanks
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