Strength-Building Flow<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 1071

Strength-Building Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 1071

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Thank you Meredith. Great Chair work. I don't have a Cadillac but I do all the arm work and roll downs with bands attached to wall anchors. The push through bar is a little harder to simulate but I always do something. Love your classes always!
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I love these combo classes! The last couple of chair exercises were challenging but wonderful. Definately work on those next time. Thank you for a such a great class as always:)
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Great workout. Great use of time. Loved the hand weights during chair.
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Lovely class. Nice imagery of the scapula and the ribcage during the arm series off of the Trapeze Table.
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Excellent great workout thankyou!
Thanks for the feedback everyone!
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Love the mixed equipment! Great cuing as always! feel like I'm back in our certification class :)
Thanks Katelyn!!
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Really loved this one ~ wonderful cueing - bringing out deeper focus of the work ~ fun variations ~
Thank you Meredith :)
Thank you so much Evie!
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