Balancing your Body<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1100

Balancing your Body
Amy Havens
Class 1100

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Great full body workout! I did modify the springs on a couple of exercises as a woman with less upper body mass. Nice flow!
Love this workout Amy!
Thank you Amy, really got me sweating. Love the reverse swan variation. Hope to see more jump board also cause you can really rock on it!
Thanks everyone!! Glad you're enjoying this workout and yes Dendee....I'll get another jumpboard class up soon. Thanks for your vote of confidence!!
So innovative! Really appreciate the clever variations to double leg pump.
Jordan S
Great flow on the workout. Loved the variation on Reverse Swan with the combo hinge / curl at the end.
Great flow! Loved this, but a transcript would be really helpful, Pilates Anytime!
Yes I too had to modify springs!
Loved this! I too had to modify springs.
Hi everyone! Thank you for all this feedback and YES.....most likely every woman will have to modify spring tension! Andy is very strong and as you see, didn't need to change anything. For most of us, we will have to please, take care of yourselves here. I wanted to give a class showing a man and how much they can handle....sometimes I think women go too easy with them so this class was to show how we can keep it strong and push them to use their bodies with more vigor and strength. Andy is an athlete, weights about 175/180 lbs, that may help you when working with some of your male clients.
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