Balancing your Body<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1100

Balancing your Body
Amy Havens
Class 1100

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Thank you of some really good ideas on the chair, Amy. We have exo chairs at my studio and I plan to use your moves with a group of 7, some of whom specifically ask for chair work. It's challenging to keep a close eye on every body, though, so I will modify some.
HI Rena , yes 7 people is quite a few for an apparatus class, but wow, great for you!  Let me know how your students take to this class and some of the material.  I'm always curious to hear how it goes!  Happy New Year!
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Thanks for the input Amy. Very appreciated and happy new decade to you. So my group found the class, with many of your chair moves, challenging and boundary stretching. They appreciated the variety, which IMO is the spice of a good class.
Great feedback Rena , so happy they liked it too!!
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Awesome class, thanks Amy!
Thank you very much Rachel !!

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Don't know how I missed this one, Amy, it was a really nice late-day class, very energizing. Lightened springs as needed, and hopefully will be doing handstands soon when bunion surgery is fully healed....Really liked the spinal work on reverse triceps press (think you call that something else?)
Billie M , thank you for finding this class and moving with me!  
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I’m so grateful your classes are here!
Wow, thank you so much Sarah W !!  I'm happy I'm here too so I can offer classes to so many people!!  
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