Balancing your Body<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1100

Balancing your Body
Amy Havens
Class 1100

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Yes, I did have to change springs also, especially with the reverse swan but, still had difficulty lowering the footbar, When you added the flexion downward and upward it was a killer. Can you suggest a specific cue that would help while practicing this move?
Reverse swan was a killer, had to adjust the springs too. Can you suggest a cue that would assist me while I am practicing this move? Loved this class too. You're a great teacher!
Sorry for the duplicated response!
Hi Ann.....yes, that Reverse Swan is a bit tough. It helps when there is more upper body weight (given this man) so it makes it much easier to move the pedal. When I do this myself, I'm on one light to medium spring! A good cue...hmmmm, so many come to mind. How about "open your heart" when coming up in extension....and "let your lungs come forward and hug your heart" when going back in flexion! Let me know how that goes!! :) Love hearing from you!
Nice! I really liked the series of five shortwise on the box. Thanks Amy!
Kerry! Hi there....nice hearing from glad you liked this class and the series of 5 of top! Give it a try.....clients will love it! :)
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Short and strong. Thank you so much, Amy.
Thank you Avishag !
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Thank you Amy and Andy, great quick class from the archives- loved the cue for swan to feel the low ab stretch and, while I’m not ready for handstand yet, I can do a forearms-down headstand and extend a leg to the sky, so for me, that’s progress 💜- thanks again
Patti , yes a class from the archives indeed!!  Fantastic that you can do that version of headstand, wonderful!!  That's amazing and quite rewarding!  When ready, that second leg will literally just float up...... really it will!
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