Fundamentals and Technique<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1119

Fundamentals and Technique
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1119

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se podra traducir al español ,o subtitular?
excelente clase !!!
Fabulous class, as always...thank you Niedra!
Marisa~ We are still working on creating subtitles for our classes and hope to offer it in the future but unfortunately at this time we do not offer them.
Do you really consider the rocking bow and teaser to be for this 1/2 level? Just wondering.
Niedra Gabriel
Hi Jeannene, That is a good question - I've been working with this group for 2 years so they are familiar with mat work and with me. I tend to expect a high level out of beginners - I always teach both teaser and open legged rocker within the first 10 introductory lessons I do with new people.
With this group, we are moving into Intermediate ( hence the level 1 /2) and if I did rocking bow, then yes, I was starting to get them going into that. They could all benefit from stretching out their quads. Levels are different with different schools - for me level 3, slash advanced is pretty advanced. I expect a high level of athletic ability, a mix of stregth, flesiblity, coordination, flow and speed. A slower more detailed class is for lower levels, and can often be harder to do. For me a beginner is still expected to do a " workout" and challenge themselve. This is the persepctive of the classical style. I hope this answers your question?
Great class. Loved the opening of the shoulders at the beginning. Thank you!
Marisa ~ This has taken us a while, but we have added Spanish and English subtitles to Brent Anderson's "Mat for Back Pain" class as an experiment. You can view the video here. The Spanish subtitles can be selected by clicking on the box in the lower right-hand corner of the video player screen labeled "CC," and selecting the Spanish language option. We would love to hear your feedback on whether this is a good, easy to view Spanish translation. We are also curious to know what other videos you would like to see subtitled in Spanish. Your response as a forum post, or as an email to would be very much appreciated! Thank you.
Marisa ~ Esto nos ha llevado un tiempo, pero hemos agregado subtítulos en español al video de Brent Anderson "Mat Para el Dolor de Espalda" como un experimento.

Puedes ver el video aqui. Los subtítulos en español se pueden seleccionar haciendo clic en el cuadro en la esquina inferior derecha de la pantalla del reproductor de vídeo con la etiqueta "CC," y seleccionar la opción de idioma español.

Nos encantaría escuchar sus comentarios acerca de la traducción al español, si es entendible y si hay alguna manera de que podamos mejorar. También queremos saber qué otros vídeos les gustaría ver con subtítulos en español. Podes darnos tu respuesta como un mensaje en el foro, o como un correo electrónico a Estamos muy ansiosos por tu comentarios! Gracias.
Love watching your classes Neidra. I am especially enjoying watching Sandy's progress over the past few years. Go Sandy!
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My second class of your's Niedra and it was fabulous. The hour flew by. I still have a blockage when doing a roll up and need to either lift my feet up or pull up with my hands on my legs. Can't ever imagine being able to do it like all the people in your class. There is some disconnection in my powerhouse - (which isn't very powerful!) somehow. Thank you for your wonderful instruction.
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