Connect Front and Back Body<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 1120

Connect Front and Back Body
Kristi Cooper
Class 1120

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All your "conversational" cues are so helpful Kristi. Pilates with personality...pilates with plasticity! Thank you. Not camera ready for swimming but your cues got me to my personal best yet.
Thank you Joni! A huge compliment and much appreciated!
Kristi, this really helped me fighting Jet-lag and I felt good and strong afterwards. It was great to see you "live" at the studio, even though for just a minute. You really do exist
It was so lovely to meet you Viola! You and your husband really made a great impression on everyone at the Studio. I was very sorry I didn't get to be with you longer. I think you must be very special. Thank you for stopping by and taking class with us.
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That's so kind of you! It was a dream come true to be with you all at the Studio. I was overwhelmed how everybody made me feel at home. Thank you!!!
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I took a hiatus...This one is great one to get back into the groove of Pilates! Thanks Kristi!
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I agree with Joni. I love the way you teach. So natural that it seems I'm there with you. During spine stretch when you helped correct someone's ribs by pushing back to your leg I corrected myself as well as if you were there. I'm on vacation so ths class really helped me get the kinks out. Thank you Kristi!!
Wonderful to hear! Welcome Back Amy!
Wow - loved this. Thank you so much. Needed some inspiration for today - love how I felt after this great class. Wonderful imagery - thank you.
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seek and ye shall find. extension, rotation w/ breath, ease and a little humorous letting go. All were needed today, Kristi. (no. we can't separate this stuff from Life!) So glad to see your face back in your cyberspace studio. :)

Much gratitude!
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