Connect Front and Back Body<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 1120

Connect Front and Back Body
Kristi Cooper
Class 1120

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Thanks Candace!
Hi Kristi,
Marisa here. I am up in Lenox MA for a garden tour with a friend. We're staying at the Red Lion Inn and needed class before walking in gardens all day! So we pulled the comforter off the bed and used the trash can and ice bucket as .stand ins' for the ball (I only brought one! ) and had a wonderful beginning to what will be a magical day. thank You!!!
Wonderful Marisa!! I love your resourcefulness! Enjoy the Gardens!
didn't enjoy this, too much small talk, the class didn't flow. I was bored sorry
Don't be sorry Caroline ~ I appreciate the feedback.
I just enjoy listening to you because it seems so natural, you are not even embarrassed you finish a sentence in the middle because you all of a sudden realise that you have already said enough to that exercise; that makes you so perfectly unperfect!!! Thanks for that smooth class.
Wow! That was amazing!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!
Clemencia Puerta
Thank you so much Kristi, great variations with the small ball. I will use some of your exercises in my repertoires....!!.... your movements are very beautiful, with a magnific technique!
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