Connect Front and Back Body<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 1120

Connect Front and Back Body
Kristi Cooper
Class 1120

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Love all the extension "stuff". We are way too hunched over throughout the "normal" day. Great stuff...thank you!
Thanks Kristi - I've just had a really heavy cold in the middle of an English heatwave and this was just what I needed to get my body moving again. Really enjoy your teaching style and relaxed but thorough approach to Pilates!
Such an excellent class! The next day, I feel like even my intercostals got a great workout :) Love the great cueing as well.
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Loved it! Thank you! My stress level is down and my back feels amazing!
Great to hear Penny! Thank you!
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Kristi, had to come back to this one! Found new jewels!
Awesome workout!
What a great class! The way you cued it had me approaching exercises that I've been doing for years as if they were completely new - and I found new and wonderful things in them.
How wonderful to hear Rachel! Thank you for sharing.
Wow you are awesome! I felt it all, I loved it, thanks so much !
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