Mat for Scoliosis
Madeline Black
Class 1126

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thank you so much!
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Excellent! Got more out of this class than a couple of scoliosis workshops I've taken. Thank you!
Hi Mindi, check out the new scoliosis workshop we just posted too!
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This was a great class. I have taken other workshops in scoliosis which were good but loved the clear explanations and demonstration in this video. I will watch this again!
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hi madeline - really appreciate this class! question for you ... does the directed breathing still apply if the client has a lumbar curve (my client has right lumbar scoliosis). if so, would you direct client to try to direct the breath into the left low back or just into left lungs in general? many thanks!
Hi Jennifer, YES directed certainly applies, remember to see the whole spine, so if it is a left lumbar then the ribcage may be off to the right (remember the boxes) with the rotation, SO assess this but if I pick one model, then the ribcage maybe rotated facing right so the compressed spaces would be right front and left back. This person may be a three curve or a four curve. You must determine this. It maybe the ribcage is the opposite of the model I used to answer your question! Hope this helps.
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This is the best video addressing scoliosis that I have seen...clear, specific and easily understood, both visually and verbally...exciting that I will be immediately adapting to an 11 yr. old girl with whom I am working. Thank you, Madeline!
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Thank you so much for this important information!!!!.
This is the best video addressing scoliosis that I have seen .
Thank you Madeline Best as usual!!!
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Hi Madeline, this is a great video. I have a question if you don't mind. On the wagging tail (if I am not mistaken) Gaby had difficulty moving her tail to the right. Why do you give extra repetition to the left ? As far as I know, we do more repetition to the difficult side, not the easy side. Thank you so much for your help.
Hi Vivi, great question! Because of her thoraco-lumbar curve, convexity right, her lumbar spine is being compressed from the weight of her rib cage off to the right. The left tail wag opens up the compressed area. Also, keep in mind we were moving for many hours while filming and she was very warmed up and more mobile if in reality we were in a typical one hour session. Hopes this clarifies it for you?
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